Plastics covering Belgrade

Address: 26 Slanacki put st., IGM Trudbenik area, near big flue
Belgrade Phone: 011/2758-030, 069/2758-030
Website: www.szravala.com

4/ 5stars

AVALA was founded in 1986, in a small place near Belgrade, as a workshop for making of metal haberdashery. Because of the need for metal protection it is pioneering in electrostatic polishing of metal parts (with plastic) ever since 1989. At that time it began with the use of GEMA machinery, and till today it has owned three generations of this machines. The market conditions made AVALA stop manufacturing metal haberdashery, and concentrating its entire machinery to plastic covering. Then the factory moved to the center of events, only few kilometers from the city centre. Today AVALA is located in the range of old brickworks IGM TRUDBENIK in Karaburma. It is equipped with the most modern machines in the field. In a desire to give the clients as quality service as they can get AVALA decided to work with smaller pieces, that weigh up to 20gr, that they paint in the cylinder. They also do big pieces of gabarit (dimensions 2450*1400*1000mm) that they do in CYCLON and VENTURA filter cabins and stoves for polymerization.