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Useful information

Polyclinic Naturalia is located in New Belgrade at 164 Gandhi Street. We offer you a broad selection of examinations from different areas of modern medicine in one place. At our clinic’s pleasant ambiance you will be greeted by our exceptional team of leading experts who have years of experience in their fields of medicine, as well as our professional, polite staff who will be at your disposal.

With the desire to always put your health first, we try to provide swift, precise and high quality services when it comes to examination and diagnostics of your overall health.

Polyclinic Naturalia offers you a broad selection of examinations from various fields of medicine:

- General practice
- Allergies
- Work medicine
- Anti-cancer metabolic therapy
- Internal medicine
- Hematology

The most important element of good health are preventive examinations as well as monitoring the health conditions of ill persons, which is why polyclinic Naturalia provides you reliable services and an excellent team of professionals with years of work experience.

What makes our polyclinic Naturalia special are the therapies we offer:

Anti-cancer metabolism therapy

More and more clinics around the world apply this method, believing it to be the most efficient in countering cancer. It also works as anti-cancer prevention because we should always keep in mind that cancer does not pick its victim and often when it is detected it is too late. This especially applies to patients who are in remission. This is the term for patients who are recovering from cancer. As per medical protocol no doctor can ever tell you that you are cured of cancer, but rather that you are in remission. This means that a relapse is expected and it commonly occurs in many patients after a few weeks, months or years. That means that the tumor project is still active in the body and that therapy never managed to remove it. Before this illness occurred, any problems were taken care of by our immune therapy, which is why it’s much better to prevent than to cure.

At Naturalia polyclinic we provide metabolism therapy whose main effect is boosting the immune system which, when bolstered, should be able to cope with any disease. This therapy is very interesting to patients who have rejected chemotherapy as a form of treatment. What is advised is to surgically remove the tumor mass if possible, because that greatly aides the potential benefits of metabolism therapy. Metabolism therapy is performed into two phases – polyclinical and augmented.

Learn more about Metabolism therapy, its phases and its effects on the immune system by visiting this page.

Hydro-colon therapy

Hydro-colon therapy is used to detoxicate the organism as well as eliminate the toxins in your system. Throughout the years of your life, the organism amasses a certain amount of toxins which gather in your body. The hydro-colon therapy is performed by first rinsing the colon of any deposits which have gathered there in years and thus elevates the immune system to a very good level. Keep in mind that these deposits which consist of undigested food crusted on your colon walls, its wrinkles and indentations can amount to anything between three and ten kilograms.

Hydro-colon therapy provides the following benefits:

- Releases the toxins from your organism
- Ejects the heavy metal salts
- Regulates cholesterol
- Reduces the gasses
- Regulates your stool
- Slows your metabolism
- Removes excess weight
- Revitalizes the skin
- Gets rid of allergies, headaches, eczema, pimples, acne, candids and bad breath.  

Read more about the procedure of this therapy by visiting this page.

Frequency parasite treatment

Dr Clark has always been a supporter of nature and its laws. What she always highlighted as most important was to find the source of the disease, rather than treating the symptoms. After observing various patients suffering from the same illness, she became to understand what htey had in-common, which often came down to bacterial, viral or parasite infections. The most important discovery was her understanding that direct electrical frequency will kill microbes exposed to it without any side-effects the likes of which might occur with antibiotic therapies.

The frequency generator uses weak electrical impulses (9 volts) passed through the anode and cathode destroys the cellular membrane of the viruses, bacteria and parasites and destroys them. After a short while the cellular membrane also bursts and the parasite is destroyed. Every living being has its own resonance frequency. Exposing bacteria, viruses, fungi and other parasites to their own frequencies leads to their instant annihilation. This has proven especially effective in treating Candida, Escherichia and other difficult to treat inflammations caused by microbes.

Learn more about this type of treatment and the Rife regenerator here.

Ionic body cleansing

Ionic body cleansing is a mixture of positive and negative ions which are generated by the ionizing apparatus in order to bond with the opposite-charged toxic particles which are later extracted though the pores on the patient’s feet. The main goal of this type of treatment is to eject a large quantity of toxins from your organism which is achieved after a few treatments. It is shown as an external method of detoxication because you will be comfortably seated with your feet submerged into a dish of warm water. No matter where the toxic matter is located in your organism, this method is very effective. It is especially recommended to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.

During ion detoxication you can observe the change in the color of the water in the dish as well as deposits which will form on the bottom. These two things are very important because they reflect the condition of your organism when it comes to toxins.

More on this an ionizing body detox here.

Contact information:

Address: 164 Gandhi Street, Block 44, New Belgrade
+381 11 3181 333



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