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TWENTY YEARS IN THE PRESERVATION OF YOUR HEALTH Specialist PRIVATE PRACTICE PETROVIC established in 1991 as a family medical clinic. PRIVATE PRACTICE PETROVIC a modern approach to diagnosis and treatment which is the position of the World Health Organization. View of the World Health Organization in the diagnosis and treatment of the applicable conventional and alternative medicine diagnosis and treatment. PRIVATE PRACTICE PETROVIC makes a successful fast, accurate, painless, effective diagnosis and appropriate therapy. NEWS * TESLAMETAMORPHOSIS has two aspects: - Teslametamorphosis treatment - Teslametamorphosis Light Body It is a method of treatment which is used by Tesla waves become stronger with distance and differ from hercejonskih. This treatment aims to lead the cells of man (and any other living organism) the perfect balance of light which allows the treatment. This method allows the development of awareness, general personal development at all levels of physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual. * Reconnective Healing * Reconnection * Lose weight healthily guided by expert advice - acupuncture - psychiatrist - Sports physician - nutritionist With the help kavitacije, acupuncture, sports activities, proper nutrition >> Specialty PRIVATE PRACTICE PETROVIC - quick, painless, effective diagnosis and therapy << * DISCOUNTS FOR EVERY MONTH OF CERTAIN INSPECTION AND TREATMENT * Industries: - Special controls - PREVENTION - treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders and illnesses. Treatment: - HEADACHE - PAIN SYNDROME - Injury of peripheral nerves - disorders caused in SLED harmony and Brain Injury - psychosomatic diseases - PSYCHO-ORGANIC DISEASE - PHOBIAS - Anxiety states - DEPRESSION - emergency situations - post traumatic stress syndrome - Neuro-immune and endocrine diseases. * Functional diagnosis of lung, heart and stomach * Biochemical analysis * Evaluation of work capacity and expertise * Issuing of medical certificates for employment and training * cancer screening athletes * Establishing operations in the field of health and safety at work in the Official Gazette SRS 101/05. * The treatment of sports injuries. In the spirit of modern treatment approaches and the development of Private Practice Petrovic follow new trends in the practice of neuropsychiatry and acupuncture apply new techniques psihoenergetske therapy: - TFT (thought field therapy) - EFT (emotional therapy to eliminate blockage) These techniques have been developed from the complementarity of classical and traditional medicine (acupuncture), which is the basis for the development of new methods of energy and information technology. TFT and EFT can be used by persons who are - Underwent SOME TRAUMA (post-traumatic stress syndrome) - THE REGULATION OF STRESS - AT fear and panic - IN Addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs) - A large number physical problems - a painful condition - FOR PERSONAL SAMORAST and better functioning - for more success in personal and business life - THE GOOD SPORTS RESULTS - LASER ACUPUNCTURE AND LASER Biostimulation - AT disease of the immune, nervous and endocrine system - With good experience in the preparation of physical and Vantelesna FERTILIZATION NEW! NEW! The Reconnection ® and Reconnective Healing is a very successful method that has rocked the medical circles in the world. Many hospitals and clinics world examines the treatment of this Memorial Hospital Đenson, University Clinic in Minnesota, Miami, Arizona (Laboratory of human energy and awareness, and health) Scientists conducting research associate Reconnective Healing with the theory of quantum physics. Laboratory for the development of awareness and health and human energy (Director, Prof.. Gary Schwartz neurologist, psychiatrist, surgeon) in Arizona was conducted more research with others. Eric Pearl and his associates. Experiments have shown that 83% of patients registered energy that acts as an electromagnetic signal that is recorded eye movements and registration of brain waves. Al. Eric Pearl The Reconnection ® is the process of re-align the coordinates by entering new axial line, which allows us access to information and higher frequencies of light and thus enables our healing and our evolution. Reconnection ® triggers reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration or (which is simultaneously going on in parallel planes of existence). This creates conditions that are rapidly developing in all plans. Reconnection practitioner performs authorized reconnection. Reconnection can enable significant changes in life and general health: - ABILITY TO BETTER CHOICE IN DECIDING - greater ability to donate and receive love - THAT the fear and guilt rather than confrontation - Will become more creative will be able to enjoy the present moment - rises up your mental, emotional, physical, SPIRITUAL LEVEL IN MULTIPLE FREQUENCY ENERGY. PRIVATE PRACTICE PETROVIC is today a modern organized private medical practice. It consisted of specialist clinics: occupational medicine, sports medicine, neuropsychiatry, akunpunktura and alternative medicine. In February 1991. , Dr. Dusan Petrovic Shana opened the specialist clinic of neuropsychiatry. During this period dealt with early diagnosis and prevention of neurological and psychiatric diseases. Education in the ECPD from acupuncture and knowledge gained in the field of neuropsychiatry specializing in contemporary medicine in 1991 brought together in his practice and thus has to date gained a wealth of experience in the treatment of headaches, pain syndromes, disorders and endokrilnih neuroimunoloških and psychosomatic disorders resulting from stress. In 1995 Dr. George Brown, a specialist in occupational medicine and sports physician, joined their ordination, but the current practice of neuropsychiatry. Thus a PRIVATE PRACTICE PETROVIC, family private medical practice. His extensive experience in disease prevention and diagnosis and therapy in the treatment of economically active persons in the field of occupational medicine, Dr Djordje Petrovic has extensive experience in transport medicine. As a member of the working group participated in the design of the methodology for accelerated years of service in the Yugoslav Railways, JRB-in, mint, and JAT. As a former athlete was natural that he gave his contribution in sports medicine. As a licensed sports physician of the International Association for Sports Medicine was a handball team physician for 30 years.