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Power Plate is the number one in the world when it comes to exercise equipment, thanks to the fact that it engages over 95% of muscle fibers lifters and causes muscle contractions in 30-50 seconds (as opposed to the classic exercise: 40-50% muscle engagement with the 1 - 2 contractions per second)! The effects of such muscles are a drastic increase in strength and endurance in a much shorter period than conventional exercise, much better toning and shaping the body consumes more calories, lose body fat by 57% more than traditional exercise, 2 times the fat loss viscelarnih ( internal fat), the most dangerous to human health, reducing cellulite over 25%! In a word, training on the Power Plate is the best way for weight loss and body contouring and lifting form! Large direct, immediate impact on health occurs through improving circulation-2 times higher after training, thus improving the circulation of oxygen, macro-and micronutrients ( protein, carbo higrati, fats, vitamins and minerals) as well as the harmful acid derivatives and products of metabolism, and stimulates the lymphatic sistem.Samim Exercise has achieved more and better coordination (intermuscular and intramuscular), better mobility and flexibility!

"Secret" of the Power Plate lies solely in the work of muscle reflex in response to stimulation through vibration! So we get high-quality and high effect in strengthening from the training!

The list of pro's for the workouts on the Power Plate are also: increasing bone density - about 1% for 6 months, the stimulation of hormones - 4.5 times increase growth hormone secretion, serotonin secretion and a 32% reduction in the secretion of cortisol - agent constant stress, reduce pain in the lower back, tighten and rejuvenating the skin.

Power Plate is ideal for those who for a long time have not been physically active, because that speeds up the whole process of strengthening muscles and increasing the consumption of calories, so that vibration training on the Power Plate is the most effective method of exercise, along with a proper diet is certainly the best way for weight loss and body contouring.

At the Power Plate studio Absolute Fit utmost importance is given to healthy eating, where we have a collaboration with the Institute for Medical Research, University of Belgrade - Center of excellence in the study of nutrition and metabolism, so that our practitioner provides the best diet you have compiled a top local experts!

Absolute fit fitness club work is based on the highest level of individual training, and for recreational and sportiste.Svi aspects of training are at the highest level, starting with the maximum commitment of developing and conducting training, through motivation, dosage holidays, commitment to achieving results and providing best child, both for beginners and for athletes.

The fitness club Absolute fit for the profession is responsible Slobodan Jovanovic, who has experience at FKZvezdara as a coach in all AG and later as a fitness instructor, whose work is based on the maximum discipline and commitment, supported by an awareness of the importance of exercise and proper coupling of the best child, for human health in the first place, and better looking.

What an athlete training on the Power Plate makes individual training of the highest level, is that it engages over 95% of the active muscle fibers muscle groups, with 30-50 contractions per second, which lead to a drastic increase in static and explosive strength and endurance in incredibly short time, much shorter than the free-weight exercises! addition, each recovery after injury is several times faster, thanks to the rapid vibrations occur strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments, improve flexibility, mobility and coordination! In addition to an individual training top level goes the fact that the Power Plate has been applied successfully in patients with cerebral palsy! (In Belgrade there are few people who ventured out only half-marathon due to vibration exercise-in)!

On the Power Plate can be practiced by everyone - from 7 to 77 years, and recreational athletes.

As far as the vibrations are concerned, these are the harmonic vibrations in the range of 25-50 Hz, which is outside the range of human body vibration (5-20 Hz), so that there is no resonance.

1960 PhD from the former GDR Biermann (East Germany) was detected vibration training
1970 Russian scientists using vibration training to enable Russian cosmonauts whopping 420 days stay svemiru.Istovremeno Americans have returned to Earth after 120 days only
1989.-After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the knowledge of vibration training has spread to the west
1999.-Olympic trainer Guus van der Meer has developed the Power Plate
2000.-Guss van der Meer Power Plate is the Dutch market with great success
2001.-The Power Plate has offices in over 40 countries worldwide and continues to expand with honors
2006.-USA buy the complete company Power Plate and now it is their product


ABSOLUTE FIT Power plate Beograd
ABSOLUTE FIT Power plate Beograd
ABSOLUTE FIT Power plate Beograd