Power plate Belgrade

Address: 22 Kneza Danila st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 064/30-999-19
E-mail: just.fit@live.com
Website: www.justfit-beograd.com

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Welcome to the Power Plate fitness studio JUST FIT, which offers everything necessary for the fulfillment of all your goals, regarding your body, improving your physical shape, increasing strength, boosting your metabolism, weight loss, skin tightening, removing cellulite, increasing flexibility, and advice on nutrition ...

Why us???
Basically the best would be to schedule a free training session and make sure. Here we will briefly explain some of the reasons.

1) Knowledge and experience - professional supervision of our licensed trainers with years of experience will direct you to the healthiest and most direct route to the desired look. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can achieve the results you have long dreamed of. The quality of our coaches is the best, see for yourself to be sure.

2) PERSONAL TRAINING - we are here to assess your current physical fitness. It's not a shame to be in bad shape, having no coordination during the exercises, have more or fewer pounds ... The shame is in lack of will and courage to change. So we will meet your first practice your current capabilities, and eventually raise your form to a higher level, and thus shape your body.

3) motivation and atmosphere - we do not have a magic wand, so it all depends on your will and effort during training, your liability for that time outside the studios controlling the prescribed diet, and take time for training (ideally 3xweek for 45 minutes, or at least 2x a week for 45 minutes). One thing we try to give my best in every training session, encourage you and help you maintain a high level of motivation even when you do not feel at your best, and to use our knowledge to help you achieve your goals, set new ones. All of this will be much easier in the pleasant surroundings of our studios.

4) Efficiency - the best motivation for training is efficiency, because after a certain result when you see that you can be something going on with your body, you will get more motivation for training, and self-confidence necessary to move forward. Most people give up just because of the training, because after some effort, I noticed visible results, so it's important to listen to the advice of our coaches who will be there for you to do the exercises correctly, to make adequate breaks and free to consult about your diet because in addition to high-quality training, it is halfway to the perfect look.

5) equipment - the Power Plate (more at the Power Plate), the new generation device that is an understatement caused a revolution in the world of fitness, you will be offered the treadmill, bike, stepper, and other devices rekvizite.Sve and equipment are new.

6) GROUP TRAINING - only here, special offers, we offer you the opportunity to train with your friend or partner and in groups of two people, at much lower prices than personal training, with the same effect and duration of training at personal.