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Owner and founder of Practice: VERA TRBIĆ

Current position: Physician, PhD. med., neuropsychiatrist

Specialization in Neuropsychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade in 1982 at the same university master's degree in 1995 with the theme of diagnostic and therapeutic implications alcohols royal family, and in 2008 defended his doctoral dissertation and with my: Psychosocial factors associated with alcoholism people
male and female.

She completed training in Systemic marital and family therapy and acquired Diploma in Mariage and Family Therapy (Diploma of marital and family therapy) by the British Council and the Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade, 1984/88. with the cooperation of teachers from the Tavistock Clinic in London. She finished high level of education in psychotherapy systemically families, couples and individuals (Advances diploma in systemic psychotherapy with families, couples and individuals), the Institute for Family Therapy in London (The Institute of thrapy family in London) in cooperation with the NGO Center for Family and City Center for Social Work in Belgrade 2004 - 2006. She completed training in Systemic supervision organized by the Marlborough Family Service London and the Centre for systemic therapy in Belgrade, and received a certificate for the performance of the system of supervision.

Representative reference:
1. Project Coordinator Healthy communication, play and have fun - Pre vention depending on the cube and the Internet, counseling for addicts, family members and friends in the realization of the Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade and the Secretariat of Health of the City of Belgrade, implemented during 2008.
2 Project Coordinator National Programme for the prevention of drug abuse and alcoholism, in cooperation of the Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, realized in 2009.
3 Co-author Dijagnosztičko-therapeutic guidelines for alcoholism, published by the Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade, 2010.
4 Project implementer SOS phone for prevention of pathological gambling and addiction to the Internet, organized by the Belgrade City Assembly and the Grand Casino in Belgrade, starting in 2010 and the project Prevention of pathological gambling for high school students from New Belgrade (in 2013/14.) And Zemun (2014 .).

He is the author of numerous professional and research papers presented at international conferences in the country and around the world and published in national and international journals. Author of the book Description families of alcoholics, published by the Foundation Andrejevic, 2000. As a lecturer he participated in training in Systemic Family Therapy alcoholism (SPTA) at the Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade, on numerous lectures and tribinma in secondary schools, television and radio broadcasts - on Addictions. As a lecturer he was engaged at the High School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade in the case of Communication, in engineering ethics.
Previous employment: Neuropsychiatric Hospital Metals Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade, Day Hospital for addiction.
Since 2009 he has established a private practice AGAPE MEDIC, whose owner.

Scope of work: psychiatry, psychotherapy, family therapy, illness zavi
ciency, systemic supervision.

Her field work: Partner / marital and family problems, problems of development of the family cycle (growing up, learning, problem separation), therapy
Drug-addiction (alcoholism and addiction unsubstantiated - pathological gambling and internet addiction). The use of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (individual and marital / family therapy in working with families of dependent persons).

Opening hours: Weekdays from 10 - 12 and 16 - 20h. Saturdays from 10 - 14h. Zakazi
tion is done on the phone. 011/2851 889 and 064/196 0 428th