Psychiatrists Belgrade

Address: 10 Admirala Geprata st., Savski venac
Belgrade Phone: 011/7617-204, 063/7001-233

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Psychiatry "Median" is a specialized medical clinic established in 2002 after obtaining all necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia. Strictly required by criteria of the relevant ministry in terms of personnel and facilities that are in all respects complied with the guarantee of safe and high quality work in our office tj.visokostručnog psychiatric and / or psychotherapy treatment. What do we heal The reactions of grief and depression, and anxiety states, phobias (agoraphobia, social phobia, specific phobia), obsessive (forced) thoughts and rituals related to stress disorders, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), adjustment disorder, bipolar disorder, hypochondriac disorders, psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders, sexual dysfunctions, gender identity identity, various forms of personality disorders, sleep disorders, psychotic disorders, partner, marital and family problems.