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Psychiatrists Belgrade

Useful information

Counseling office program

Come to us for help if you are experiencing:

- Marital or relationship conflicts (if you are unsatisfied with your sex life, if your marital or romantic relationship is conflicted due to differences. Psychotherapy will help you find compromises)

- Family issues (if, as parents, you are unable to coordinate various upbringing methods, when you are experiencing misunderstanding in communication with your family members, when you are worried over development difficulties in your children, lack of study motivation, concentration, memory, socialization, relationship with authority, emotional bonding)

- Difficulty in communication (fear of public speaking or feedback for your performance, discomfort in communicating with your family, in romantic and/or sexual relationships, with your friends, teachers, authority figures, introversion, difficulty communicating)

- Emotional distress (mood swings, trouble maintaining emotional control, difficulty in partner selection and exchange with them, stress related health consequences such as insomnia, headache and other psychosomatic issues, blocks or life crisis, loss of confidence, indecision, fear, tension, depression, feeling lonely or less worthy.

- Professional problems (stress in interacting with your co-workers or supervisors, difficulty in performing in your work or advancing professionally
We offer psychotherapy education

- Four year long education in systematic family therapy of the Mental health institute in Belgrade, gain the calling of a family psychotherapist.

- Advanced education levels for system practice with families, couples and individuals, Institute of Family Therapy, London

- Advance levels of education in rational-emotional-behavioral therapy, Albert Ellis Institute New York

- Psychosexual therapy education

Hypnotic therapy education
Education seminar in Master hypnosis – third degree of professional hypnosis and hypnotherapy education, recognized by the European psychotherapy association.