Publishing Belgrade

Address: 2 Majke Jevrosime st. (Ugao sa Takovskom), Stari Grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/3241-325, 2430-809, 063/422-273

4/ 5stars

The number 2 circle closes in blue.

A little ways off the corner of Takovska street is adorned by the bookstore Blue circle. Not very large and full of bookshelves, you may sometimes hear customers ask the librarian questions.

She will respond with a smile, behind her cash register counter which is so full of books it's almost hard to see her. Kralj Milan, Knez Mihailo, Jevrosima mother, Decani, Takovo, this place is full of history you can be friends with through books, the pearls of Belgrade which we sometimes forget.

Let us stop and feel the pleasure of chatting with bookstore owners who would do anything to find a good home for a good book.