Rent a car Belgrade

Address: 156 Gospodara Vucica st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/285-0403, 065/285-0403
E-mail: rentacar2m2@gmail.com
Website: www.2m2.rs

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Agency 2m2 deals in renting vehicles for any occassion. In our offer we have over 10 vehicles of various class and various manufacturers.

2m2 can proudly say that we offer an excellent ratio of price and quality as well as a large number of satisfied clients. WIth every rental you get a baby seat for free as well as a navigation system with an integrated map of Europe, snow chains...

You can also make se of our many other services like LATE RENT (picking up vehicles at any moment 24hrs per day), LIMO SERVICE (renting vehicles with the services of a professional driver) and picking up vehicles in the entire territory of Belgrade. We offer special benefits to businesses.

Visit our website and take your pick: www.2m2.rs

Vehicle registration

- The full service of vehicle registration
- All kinds of contracts and transfer of ownership
- Green card
- All kinds of insurance
- Going to the police station and arrival to your address
- Payments can be made in up to 10 monthly installments via citizen cheques.