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Address: 6 Bulevar Patrijarha Pavla st., Rakovica
Belgrade Phone: 011/3514-800, 3514-888, 065/367-26-27, 065/86-96-902, 065/86-96-905, 063/84-94-487
E-mail: office@putnik-rentacar.com
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Tourist nice people is one of the oldest travel companies in the European region. Founded in 1923. year.

From it emerged a growing tourism companies in the former Yugoslavia, such as Compass, Generalturist, Kvarner Express, Unis and others. The current travel agencies in Serbia - KONTIKI, TOP TOURS, TRAVEL, etc. JET. was founded by former employees PASSENGERS.

As part of the Tourism Society PASSENGER 1965th The sector has been established which began to renting vehicles. 1972nd he began to function as a separate RENT A CAR franchised organization with regulatory agencies BUDGET RENT A CAR. During the many years we have been operating franchise holders EURODOLLAR Hertz.

Restructuring PASSENGER CAR RENT A becomes an independent company owned TOYOTA Mijaljević.

Based on many years of experience we believe that we can continue to provide a high quality service, and warranty is 45 years and 10,000 customers.

Patriarch Pavle No.6
Tel.: 011/3514-888, 011/3514-800, 011/3515-111
E-mail: office@mijaljevic.com

Ul. Costa Stamenkovića 9
Tel.: +381 18520626, +381 18513285
E-mail: @ srdjan.jovanovic passenger-rentacar.com

Note: The vehicles are issued at the airport or any other location in the city.