Replacement parts Belgrade

Address: 355 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st, Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 064/277-8304, 063/318-561

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Precision mechanic Petrovic has been located in the Boulevard of King Alexander 355 since 1986.

Our services are:
- Repair of glass lifters for all types of vehicles
- Spare parts for window winders, rope pulleys and other parts that make up the window winders
- Production of all kinds of cables for all types of vehicles for gas, parking brake, clutch, wires for the withdrawal of the seat
- Correction of digital and mechanical clocks kilometer for all vehicles, repair of lighting kilometer hour
- Repair and installation of all types of taximeters
- Standard and taxi meters in the rearview mirror
- Table for the auto school and a taxi with the installation and lighting

Working time:
- Weekdays: 08 - 16h
- Saturday from 08 - 14h

011 / 2863-713
064 / 277-83-04
063 / 318-561