Restaurants for weddings, celebrations Belgrade

Address: 19b Surcinska st., Ledine
Belgrade Phone: 062/250-350, 065/8111-888, 063/545-454

4.5/ 5stars

As a tribute to our restaurants jubilee, throughout the year 2016 our special wedding offer is 19EU per person at Dvor Aleksandar restaurants in Lestani and in Ledine.

Address: 19b Surcinska street, Belgrade Serbia


The Inter Hollywood restaurant is located in Ledine settlement at 19b Surcinska street in New Belgrade. It is a unique building which will surprise you with our offer and turn your celebration into a wonderful experience. Our RGB LED light show with over a million colors creates a special atmosphere and a luxurious look.

The capacity of our restaurant can be adjusted to your needs but amounts to up to 1000 guests.

Perfect architectural solutions include two pools and multiple fountains and contributes to the overall look of luxury. We are a newly opened restaurant which is a product of years of experience working in this line of business and watching the needs of every guest we served .The complete ambiance of the restaurant will leave you breathless and make it so you really enjoy your celebration.

The air conditioned festivity hall of Inter Hollywood restaurant will give you pleasant moments in summer and winter period. The hall has video surveillance, leather seats with silk upholstery and round tables. In agreement with you we are willing to decorate our wedding hall and set up illumination in color you prefer which can be changed during the celebration.

The special offer of our restaurant is the newly weds’ suite and thirty rooms for guests where they will feel more than welcome. We also have luxurious toilets and parking lots with over 500 spots with video surveillance and physical security. Our professional staff will work hard to fulfill your every wish and idea and make sure everything goes smoothly.

We offer possibilities of arranging for a professional photographer and band for your celebration.

With our rich offer of services and many detail we will make your day something to remember with a smile.

We’d especially like to highlight our light show possibilities which can accompany certain important moments of the celebration.

What sets us apart from others is that we produce most of the food we serve. The highest food quality will delight you and your guests and our approachable prices are just another reason to choose us. All the food that isn’t used by the end of the event will be packed for you to bring home.

certain moments magnificent.


Most of the food we served is made by us and so we can guarantee for its quality. The food that isn’t spent by the end of the evening is packed for you to bring home.