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Address: 232 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st, Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/2404-627, 063/25-33-66

4/ 5stars

The restaurant SVETI NIKOLA was founded in 1991. It is in the ownership of the family Vujnovic and it relies its coulinary and top catering offer on the experiences taken from the family catering tradition dating since 1950. Nikola Vujnovic and his wife Mileva have, prior to opening this restaurant, spent their time in famous Belgrade restaurants (LIPOV LAD, STARAC VUJADIN, MADERA...) and Nikolas brothers have also dealt successfully with the catering business (MALA BANKA, PROLECA and PARK). Nikola, a legend of the Bulevar, spends more and more time with his grandchildren, and his sun Dusan (third generation) continues the family tradition.
The restaurant SVETI NIKOLA is a national cuisine restaurant, a real Serbian house. It is a combination of hospitality and real hosts and top culinary quality. The restaurant interior has the spirit of a Serbian tavern and Serbian tradition. Plenty of small details give you the feel that you are in the warmest home. On the walls are old yellow photography's, framed in wooden frames and old objects, which remind many, mostly older guests, on their childhood, and the younger ones on their trips to grandma and grandpa.
But, the thing that matter the most in a restaurant, the food, is also on a high level. The restaurant is recognizable for its domestic cuisine and specialties of mainly Serbian cuisine, which awake your gastronomic senses. Thanks to the good kitchen, top service and kind staff, it has gained regular customers. When you ask them for a recommendation, they think hard, and in the end say that you won't be wrong whatever you order. In our offer we have many cooked dishes, grill specialties, old domestic dishes, cold aperitifs, salads and treats. We specially recommend the cooked veal, thighs, tripe, brizzle, and all that have tasted the smoked hanger, hamburger SVETI NIKOLA and poppy cake come again and bring us new guests, expending the family, the lovers of good taste. Authentic enjoyment to our gastronomic marvels give the quality wine offer and different domestic spirits.
The restaurant SVETI NIKOLA has preserved the spirit of the Serbian tavern (the somewhat dead Belgrade restaurants) and the atmosphere of the good, old days. The atmosphere can be felt, it is a combination of the good vibration of the guests, the owner and the staff, and here profit is not the most important thing. If you want to take your dear ones to enjoy a real domestic atmosphere and cuisine and you want to take someone to a regular or irregular breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can find us in the heart of Begrade, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 232, every day except Sunday, 09 - 23h.