Saloons Belgrade

Address: 8 Dobanovacka st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone:

CLUB NESANICA Saloons Belgrade
4/ 5stars

Tavern Insomnia is the ultimate place for a night out in Zemun, at Dobanovačka 8 Insomnia is actually a mix between a cafe and a club. 's Interior is reminiscent of a bar, but unlike many taverns ventilation in insomnia has been resolved, and you will never be stuffy.

In Club Insomnia fit to about 200 people, and the age limit to be able to enter the cafe is at least 21 years of age.

A big plus cafe Insomnia is that the people who work there and do the Freestyler. The insomnia can expect pleasant waiters, decent drink prices and vrhunse bands that will bring the atmosphere to boiling point, and do not hesitate and this pub / club and go alone!