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Address: 57 Orfelinova st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/357-19-86, 069/251-11-11

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Junior School Bejza

The first private junior school Bejza is one of the most modern institution for primary education in Belgrade. Located in Bann’s Hill at 57 Orfelinova street in a modern building with video surveillance. In a safe environment and for the purpose of creating a safe future for every child, the Bejza school offers its students high quality primary education.

The teaching process of Bejza school consists of two educational cycles that take place in Serbian language according to the curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education, Sciences and Technological development of the Republic of Serbia. In addition to being accredited to conduct the curriculum for the first (I-IV grade) and second (V-VIII) grade education cycle, we are also licensed to realize the preschool preparation program.

Junior School Bejza has highly functional classrooms, cabinets, multifunctional hall, teachers’ lounge and administrative service. We also have a yard and a court for team sports.

For the purpose of developing and advancing the abilities, affinities and talents of our students we have a large number of teaching materials and multimedia IT equipment. For the purpose of expressing creativity and practical application of obtained knowledge, it is especially important to note our classrooms for chess, computer sciences, art and music culture.

Limited number of students per class allows for our teachers to continuously follow and encourage the advancement of all students equally.

Modern education technology with the use of multimedia means creates excellent conditions for engaging all the senses in the process of obtaining knowledge, developing the creativity of students and better activity in teaching and learning.

When teaching we utilize the latest education and technological methods like interactive, touchscreen boards in every classroom. the interactive board is used to also educate our teaching staff through seminars, presentations and similar activities. Our students have a direct interaction with lessons and the interactive board satisfies their visual and dynamic needs. The board has a huge library, links towards useful internet web pages and various multimedia sources that are designed help teaching and learning.

The content predicted by the Bejza school includes full day stay for the students. During the school day the students in addition to the curriculum classes we also offer classes in English language such as English, Maths and Science club and we also offer lessons in Spanish and German as well as various optional classes like karate, mental arithmetic, dance, folklore, chess, information technologies, drama, art and music workshops. Great attention in learning English is given to transforming passive into active, functional knowledge, through learning languages through various projects and non-linguistic content – through English, Maths and Science while using the renown Cambridge textbooks.

School also organizes trips, tours of attractions and excursions and this way offer our students the possibility to learn about countries, customs and culture and also see the possible applications for obtained knowledge and the abilities in school, gain positive role models and use their free time in an interesting way.

We dedicate great attention to working with parents through every day communication and by developing open and continuous contact. We also have various activities with parents outside the school such as bowling, sports activities, creative and educational workshops.

Thanks to excellent equipment and a large number of extra curriculum activities and the dynamic work organization Bejza has gained the trust of parents in a short time.

We have the vision to develop our students’ life competence in modern society and so we would like to offer a multi-cultural environment while working according to the national program of Republic of Serbia and nurture the sense of belonging, love for their origin, people and country but also to be responsible citizens towards the world.

As of 01.04.2016. we have begun to enlist students in the new 20162017 year.

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Address: 57 Orfelinova streeet, Bann’s Hill

Phone: 011/357-1986, 063/251 1111


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