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Security systems and equipment Belgrade


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- Telecommunications
** Design, construction and maintenance of telecommunications systems:

1. PBX all sizes
2. Traditional analogue and digital telephone exchange (PBX)
3. PBX systems and to work in the internet protocol (VoIP)
4. Construction switching (coming to the facilities, groundwater and air route)
5. The main distribution panels, međurazdelnici
6. Maintenance and servicing of switchboards and equipment of all types
7. Maintenance and servicing of existing installations in mp
8. Intercom system (audio, video, classic and digital ...)

** Design, construction and maintenance of information technology systems:

1. Construction of the computer networks of all sizes, types and applications
2. Structured cabling, copper and fiber optic installation of all categories
3. The wireless transmission systems
4. Maintaining and servicing existing information technology systems
5. Maintenance and service servers, workstations and related equipment

** Design, build and maintain security systems:

1. Anti Theft - Alarm Systems
2. Video surveillance
3. Access Control
4. Attendance at the facilities and time attendance
5. Fire protection

- Maintenance of computers
- Video surveillance
- Development of computer networks
- Alarms
- Fire protection