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Sewing and knitting machines Belgrade
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Monday 08:00 - 20:00
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We service home and industrial sewing machines at RATKO service which is run by a repairman with three decades of experience servicing this type of sewing machines.


Repairman Ratko, upon graduating from the machine engineering high school began working at Kluz fashion house in 1988 where he spent a long line of years successfully servicing home and industrial sewing machines, building up an enviable level of experience.  


At last he started his own service at 8 Mlinarska street in Belgrade where to this day repairman Ratko offers the following services in the domain of sewing machine servicing:


- Industrial sewing machines
- Household sewing machines


- Parts for industrial and household sewing machines
- Sprockets for household sewing machines
- Belts for household sewing machines
- Pressure pads and paddles for household sewing machines
- Electronics for Bagat machines


When it comes to servicing we work on the following manufacturer machines:
- Household: Bagat, Singer, Husqvarna, Bernina, Pfaff, Union, Nikoleta, Juki...
- Industrial: Pfaff, Durkopp, Necchi, Juki, Micubishi, Toyota, Strobel, Siruba, Jack, Typical,Rimoldi
- All types: iberdek, 'hole-punchers', button-sewers, endlars...


We establish the problem and malfunction during the initial examination and immediately inform you if a part needs to be replaced or repaired.


Affordable, reliable and professional services are our trademark with a guarantee of quality. Let your sewing machine serve you well for many years to come.


We come per call at any time that suits you - free of charge in the territory of Belgrade. If you choose our service, we will make sure that your sewing machine serves you well for a long line of years.



Methods of payment

Through an administrative ban / installment