Solarium Belgrade

Address: 2 Radivoja Koraca st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2452-276, 063/660-706, 065/241-7818
Website: www.frizerrajka.com

4/ 5stars

RAJKA STIL TEAM! We've been taking care of your hair for a decade and a half. Peeling, hair deep cleaning with reparation creams and ampules. Five years of Paris experience. SPECIAL OFFER: hair extension with wig technique, computer curling in six minutes, hair styles for special occasions (weddings, proms...), fashion styling and shading. The salon owner RAJKA RADOVIC, ex Yugoslavian vice champion in 1986, international jury member: 1. PARIS GOLDEN ROSE 1990-2003 2. HAIRWORLD BERLIN 2000 3. STRASBOURGH 2000 4. VIENNA FRANKFURT 2001-2002 5. GOLDEN ROSE 2005. As a part of the Hair love academy and club competition works, 50% discount to Junior Still models. The entry is in progress!