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Our sales in Belgrade:
Ethnographic museum - 13 Studentski trg street
TOB 5 Kneza Mihaila street
TOS 5 Trg republike street



Dolls dressed in traditional outfits from all regions of Serbia: Sumadija, Belgrade Posavina, east Serbia, Vojvodina (Banat, Srem), south Serbia (Vranje), Belgade city outfits from the XIX century all made by hand using traditional materials and original doll-making technique with heads, chest and arms made out of porcelain ceramics designed especially for these dolls. Every individual face is hand-painted so that the every doll with its outfit is unique.

During creation we respect the source samples and models and the dolls are completed by original traditional details (jewlery, bags, looms, Serbian traditional shoes...). The dolls come in two sizes: 16cm and 26cm tall and they are packaged individually in a celluloid box with a round window and a decorative ribbon for easier carrying as well as a booklet in which you can learn more about our traditional wear.

Traditional clothing dolls are something that we have been producing for over 3 decades so that our diverse and colorful national wear can be shown with all its individual features and diversity, proven in many international manifestations of folklore around the world where our representatives have always gotten excellent responses both thanks to their dancing as well as the richness and diversity of their traditional clothing.

Belgrade XIX century clothing dolls originated out of the desire to preserve the original and rich women's streetwear of the time. The travel writer Andrew Archibalt Payton wrote on it after he attended a ball organized by Aleksander Karadjordjevic:

"Now that Serbia is the youngest daughter of Europe, I hope that the women of Serbia will never discard their beautiful clothing for the fickle fashion of European capitols."

The traditional clothing and XIX century Belgrade clothing dolls are always on display and sold at the Ethnographic museum in Belgrade, in the Dutyfree shop at the Belgrade airport and other stores, exclusively by the regional tourist organizations or museums and were officially promoted on the individual display at the Diplomatic club in Belgrade at the end of 1999 which was followed by the media (TV show of the exhibit)

Many ambassadors (Japan, France, Norway...) as well as tourists, collectors have taken one of our dolls with them when leaving our country as an original Serbian souvenir.

Contact phone:
+381 63 1089457
+381 11 2652123