Stamp-engravers, engravers Belgrade

Address: 6 Obilicev venac st., Centar // 100 Svetog Save st., Pancevo
Belgrade Phone: 011/262-1243, 064/1712-669 // 013/354-987, 064/1712-669

4/ 5stars

Since year 1981 the store has been in business with the main office at number 6 Obilicev Venac in Makedonska street.

The tradition and years of experience are the reason why we are able to keep in step with every new giant leap in technology and achieve quality of global standards.

The best reference of our quality is the large number of individuals and businesses we cooperate with.


- Stamp seal production (colop, trotat and other manufacturers are represented in our offer to please different demands of our clients)

- Engraving (done in various materials like prochrome, brass, anodized aluminum, pvc materials and the engraving surfaces themselves can be made in various dimensions ranging from small plaques to large boards for companies. We also engrave imported plaques, trophies, watches, jewelry, gold and silver lockets and similar)

- Inventory tables productions for various purposes

- Photocopying

- Printing