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Address: 63 Narodnih heroja st., Novi Beograd // 5 Palmira Toljatija st., Stari Merkator
Belgrade Phone: 060/3612-565

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Tailor shop "Rags and Yarns" is located on two locations in New Belgrade at 63 national heroes and at 63 Omladinskih brigada st., in Belgrade. With our work we started in 2014 as an independent tailor's shop that provides repair and overhaul of clothing.
With its perfect work and correct relations with clients, we have gained and justify their trust in the year behind us. Motovisani desire to enable you to be at unique models sewn according to your measurements, you'll look perfect, our services we dedicate to fulfilling your expectations and desires.

Services universal tailor Rags and Yarns "refer to:
- Reconditioned skin
- Tailoring and sewing custom textiles
- Replace zippers
- Replacement render
- Sewing new leather jacket children

KOJAČKI action "Rags and Yarns" offers all kinds of repairs skin. Efficient repair skin will allow you to keep your favorite clothing item and save money to buy a new one.
Since it is sometimes really hard to find the perfect dress, skirt, pants, jacket, or some other piece of clothing that will stand perfectly individual, we suggest that you take advantage of our offer and decide for sewing clothes custom of different types of textiles. In keeping with the style you prefer, according to your proportions, we do custom sewing. Also at your disposal is a new sewing children's leather jacket in our tailor shop.
If it happens that you need a replacement zipper or render, at the right place. In the shortest period of time we will provide a replacement of the parts and allow you to wear your clothes.
Coloration of the skin and leather furniture, leather repair, sewing customized and sewing children's leather jacket, Zemen zipper and render at very affordable prices.

Universal tailor, at your service.

Tailor shop "Rags and Yarns" Belgrade.