Tools and machines Belgrade

Address: 8 Dragice Koncar st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/2464-689, 011/2465-624, 011/2469-685, 011/3975-724
Fax: 011/3975-724
E-mail: dia-cbn@ikom.rs
Website: www.dia-cbn.rs

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DIA-CBN Belgrade is a unique wholesale spot where you can find all you need for grinding, polishing and sharpening stainless steel (stainless steel), tungsten carbide, vidia, Stiria, high speed steel, nonferrous metals, plastics, wood and other materials.

The company was founded in Belgrade in 1991 and in time grew into one of the largest private companies in the area of grinding materials, present in almost all the industries.

Our buyers are guaranteed the high quality of goods both domestic and imported, affordable prices and maximum respect for the arranged timelines.

Talk to us with confidence and we will make sure you become and stay our satisfied customer.

Diamont and borazone grinding plates
- Diamond and CBN whetstone
in over 50 shapes according to FEPA standard in ceramic, bakelite, metal or galvanic solder
- Diamond shifts and diamond grinding rasps

Abrasive whetstone (abrasive grinding plates)

- Grinding whetstones of all dimensions according to FEPA standards in ceramic or bakelite solder

Flexible (elastic) grinders
- Grinding wheels on handles
- Grinding wheels with openings or thread
- Grinding wheels and rings
- Lamelar grinding wheels
- Scotch Brite grinding wool
- Wheels and discs out of felt
Polishing material made of sisal, cloth, flanel cotton and choy
- Rubber rollers and carriers, PVC surfaces

Flex grinders for grinding and cutting

Diamond smootheners and hardness testing

- Single and multigrain flateners
- Circular diamond flateners
- Handheld and impregnated flateners
- Diaform, Fortuna, Jung, Schaud flateners
- Rockewell testers

Diamond borazone and abrasive powders

Diamond paste granulation from 1/0 μm to 100/80 μm

Abrasive paste in liquid in hard shape

The steel, chrome, colored metal and plastics polishing set.

Infinite grinding stripes, 3M Triact cloth, grinding sheets, discs and rolls.

Confectioning grinding sheets or papers in the desired dimensions and granulations.

Industrial steel brushes and more.

The secret is in the right measure of quality and price

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