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D & S tools and machines

Our offer includes:

• Power tools (tools for connecting, grinders, drills, milling machines, lathes, hot air guns, polishing machines, planers, saws, vacuums, nut and other power tool)
• Hand tools (tools for connecting, Abrasive materials, hammers, axes, pipe tools, chisels, plane, trowel, trowel, trowel, pliers, wrenches, levels, levellers, scissors, measuring tools, construction tools, knives and blades, screwdrivers, pins, fittings, lubricants, silicone guns, cutters for glass and ceramics, cutters, Spice, punching, tool sets, clamps, saws, tapes, files, belt, expanders and other hand tools)
• Gardening tools (shovels, hoes, planers, mowers, hair, chain saws, pruning accessories, accessories for pumps and sludge pumps, fittings for irrigation, sprinklers, pumps, hidropaci, gloves, axes, saws, trimmers, lawn trimmers trimmers, leaf blower-vacuums, forks, rakes, collect leaves and other garden accessories)
• Pneumatic tools (compressors, pneumatic tools, accessories for pneumatics)
• Stationary equipment (drilling machines, milling machines, stationary, combined machines, tile and stone, stationary planers, lathes, stationary circular saws, band saws and stationary vacuum cleaners)
• Garage and Service Equipment (auto repair equipment, hydraulic presses, battery chargers and other car accessories)
• Safety equipment (masks, goggles, gloves and other protective equipment)
• Cases and tool boxes
• Screws (wall plugs and screws)
• Heaters (gas heaters, heaters, radiators and accessories)
• Welding equipment (instruments and accessories for welding torches and burners)
• Accessories for machinery (accessories Merge tool, grinding machines, drilling machines, milling machines, tiles, fountains, hot air guns, planers, saws, vacuum cleaners and other machines)
• Electrical equipment (switches and connectors, extension cords, lighting and other electrical equipment)
• Generators
• pressure washers and accessories

DeWalt, Einhell, Makita, Bosch, Skil, Metabo, Womax, Black & Decker, Dremel, Villager,

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