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Address: 32 Kapetana Radica Petrovica st, Zemun // 1 Glinska st., Zemun polje
Belgrade Phone: 011/319-39-39, 065/319-39-39 // 011/314-11-66
E-mail: gorson@mts.rs
Website: www.gorson.co.rs

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School of Foreign Languages GORSON located in Zemun and at two locations:

- 32 Skerliceva street, Zemun
- 1 Glinska street, Zemun

and offers enrollment in school and English language workshops (all year).

Classes are held both in the morning and afternoon, 6 days a week (not Sundays).

The number of participants in the group is 3-8.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE CENTER provides each student textbooks and exercise books.

Foreign language school for 10 months (September-June).

- For children aged 5-8 (3 levels)
- For children aged 8-16 (5 levels)
- Teenage and Smart courses for children aged 15-18

- French
- German language
- Spanish Language
- Italian
- Russian language
(children 8-16 years), 2 to 6 hours a week for 45 minutes.

COURSES (for all the above languages)

The center is also engaged in services:

* Translation of text
* Authentication of documents
* Court interpreters