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Address: 13/6 Krusedolska street
Phone: 011/24 34 830, 060/39 28 932, 061/14 35 292
E-mail: prevod@righttravel.rs
Website: www.righttravel.rs

Our services involve free consultations regarding translations, written or oral in both directions.

ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, MACEDONIAN, CROATIAN, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, Slovenian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Polish, Turkish, Albanian, Arabic, Japanese, CHINESE LANGUAGES, as well as interpreters for people with impaired hearing.

Written translations with or without a court interpreter's seal.

- Legal and court documents
Contracts, lawsuits, resolutions, decisions, regulations, court register of companies, financial statements, audit reports sales contracts, technical texts, technical manuals, certificates, international licenses, translations of EU legislations and the like.

- Personal documents
Birth certificates, death certificates, wedding certificates, citizenship documents, residence documents, diplomas, testimonies, grade transcripts, curriculums, authorizations, visa requests, permits, work permits and other documents.

- Professional translations
Legal documents, technical documents, instruction manuals, specialized articles, conferrence speeches, economy, politics, tourism and other areas of expertise.

- Documentation, business correspondence, presentations, advertisement and such.
Representative materials for fairs and exibitions, marketing texts, internet pages, business letters, Powerpoint presentations and others.

SPOKEN TRANSLATIONS (consecutive and simultaneous translating) at any location with the presence of a court interpreter or translator.