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Address: 63 Kneza Viseslava loc 146 st., Vidikovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/228-70-22, 062/323-423

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Our tourist agency Bg Turs Plus began work in 2013 in Belgrade. We are located at 63 Kneza Viseslava street in Vidikovac.

After over 20 years of experience in tourism we have decided to put our knowledge to work in order to accomodate all travelers.

At our offices we try to offer you the best services and information required to plan and realize the perfect trip. Your vacation and traveling adventure begin that moment when you allow yourself to escape your everyday business and enjoy the charms of our travels.

We want the free time you have to be filled with beautiful and memorable moments from your amazing journey.

Our everyday life can be very stressful and sometimes it is neccessary to step away and go for a vacation in some nicer, magical place where we can take you, help you learn about new cultures, new history and most of all have fun and make friends.

Even though we are young as an agency, we have successfully organized trips for over 2000 happy travellers. In our offer we would like to highlight:

Budapest (discover with us the beauty of the queen of the Danube)
-Vienna (Shopping in Parndorf and an optional visit to Vienna. The combination of beautiful and useful, entertaining and educational)
-PECUJ (City with many cultural - historical monuments, and is known as the largest university center)
-MORAHALOM, BANJA ERZEBET (treat yourself with spa)
-VISEGRAD, Trebinje and Dubrovnik (visit The Bridge on the Drina and the famous Dubrovnik)
-Prague, Bohemia (Prague, Karlovy Vary and Český Krumlov)
-shopping DAY IN PARNDORF (big sale at Outlet Center Parndorf - discount of 80%)

We are efficient in every segment of our ever-growing offer.

Our vision has never been clearer, despite the fact that some hard times are upon our country and region.

This means several strategic paths that give us reason to believe that the coming years will be even more successful than the past.

The Bg Turs Plus collective has over 20 years of experience working in tourism and can organize any kind of travel in our country and abroad.

If you have any doubts please give us the opportunity to prove ourselves to you and give you an incredible journey and precious memories.

062 323 423
tel: + 381 11 6306 650
fax: + 381 11 6301 500