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Address: Omladinskih brigada 65v, Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/61-66-802, 064/1260-806
E-mail: office.kaldonia@yahoo.com
Website: www.kaldonia.rs

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Travel agency Kaldonia is located at 65v Omladinskih brigada street, in New Belgrade and it is a place for lovers of travel. The expert team at our agency, with experience of over 30 years, guarantees you a reliable partner and a high quality of service. The Agency is pleased to offer all services in the field of tourism, in addition to tracking your request.

Wishing to give all of our customers unforgettable experiences and introduce them to the cultural, historical and entertainment places in traveling, we have a large number of arrangements for private and business travel, cruises, specialized events, such as seminars, conferences, team building programs .

We have prepared a wide range of offers to meet the high standards we have set ourselves and justify the trust if you indicate. We have prepared for you a fabulous summer arrangements in Greece, which is a favorite destination for many of you.

The offer includes:

- Northern Greece
- Halkidiki
- Parga
- Sivota
- Vrahos beach
- Tasos, Zakynthos
- Evia, Kefalonia
- Lefkada

For all tourists who want to explore the beauty of Serbia, we offer a number of interesting trips to our country. Programs and services that we offer are designed with a careful selection of details, with the desire that every your trip an unforgettable experience. Our vision is to be an innovative, unique and successful agency, which will set new standards in the honor and reputation of everyone.

The offer includes:


Terms of payment:

- When booking, make a payment of 30% of the package price in dinars calculated by the selling rate of commercial banks on the payment date, and the remainder within 20 days before the holiday.
- Deferred payment checks
- Credit and debit cards
- Administrative ban - in the company where he works
- Bank loans

Working time:
Weekdays from 12-20h

Contact Information:

Name: Travel agency Beograd Kaldonia
Address: Omladinskih brigade 65v
Info: 011/61-66-802
Mob: 064 / 1260-806
office.kaldonia@yahoo.com">E-mail: office.kaldonia@yahoo.com