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We will list the required documents for obtaining a tourist visa for Australia (all accompanying documents must be translated to English)

- Valid and signed passport
- 135 AUD payment
- Filled in form
- Filled in Visa questionnaire
- 4 passport sized photos up to a year old.
- If you are visiting a relative or a friend in Australia you need proof of citizenship or permanent stay of that person and their statement that they take responsibility for your accomodations, financial aid and departure from Australia
- If your relative or friend will be financially supporting your trip and stay at Australia you must provide proof of their income which can be a tax certificate, bank statement or a letter from their employer.
- Proof of your employment or unemployment and income; you must provide a letter from your employer that verifies the length of your employment, salary and your position in the company. The letter must specify how much paid leave you were approved for and that your employer guarantees you will have your job when you return. If you are a business owner you must provide proof that your company was registered and is currently active.
- Proof of owning real estate ( the pest proof is the confirmation of paid property tax )
- Purchase and sales contract, an excerpt from the land registry
- If you are financing your own travel and stay in Australia, provide proof of having the appropriate funds which can include your bank statement with your current balance, a payment slip or income verification (for business owners). Cash is not accepted as proof of funding. It goes without saying that you should have more money in your balance than is required for the trip expenses.
- For students proof of enlistment for the current year, index and confirmation that you were allowed to be absent from your studeis.
- For children udner 18 - birth certificate and if the child is travelling without both parents, the parent(s) who isn't travelling with the child must provide a written statement for the child's trip at the court or at the notary and/or embassy official.
- For persons older than 75 years - proof of health insurance for the entire stay in Australia as well as medical examination that determins your physical ability for travelling (upon accepting your aplication you will be advised on where and how you can have this examination)

There are two kinds of tourist visas - 676 (regular, much easier to obtain and the relative or friend who lives in Australia can still finance your stay and trip) and 679 (if the friend or relative is financing your stay and trip - this process can last for months)

It is customary to have a 2-6 weeks of waiting period for obtaining a response on your visa application, but if you have brought all the required documents and they are in order you can obtain your visa in half an hour. All the additional documents (like proof of real-estate and birth certificate) should be photocopied and certified and then translated with inclosed originals for verification. The exception are documents that are issued specifically for the purpose of obtaining a visa such as the documents from the military section, proof of employment and in that case originals are translated. It goes without saying that you must inclose both the translated documents and their corresponding translation.

If you have any questions related to visas, call the embassy on workdays 9AM - 11AM and this is also the timespan in which you should schedule your interview. The interviews are scheduled within 5mins of each other. Our operators are extremely polite and happy to provide any required information. Their general advice is to supply all the documentation that can help zour process even if it isn't on the official list. It is usually the most important that you show that you have a good reason to return to the country.

Visa duration

When it comes to Visa duration usually it is issued for three months but it is possible to obtain up to a year long visa. You can request a new visa once you're in Australia (only 676) and extend your stay but there's a chance you might be denied, in which case you must depart from the country before your visa expires. Usually you will obtain a tourist visa with the limiting 8503 clause (no further stay) which bans you from extending your visa again while you are in Australia. This means you must depart from Australia before your visa expires and re-apply for another one.