Vehicle Testing Belgrade

Address: 24a Zorza Klemensoa st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 060/5511-173, 060/5511-182, 011/2753-350

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Agency technical review "Really Rota" at Hospitality Exhibition No. 24, in Belgrade. The domain of our services includes all activities closely associated with the registration of your vehicle. Responsible com-, professionalism and quality service will justify the trust that you have to point out.

Our team consists of professional and above all friendly staff who will meet in the shortest period of time to provide a complete service vehicle registration, at very affordable prices. Respecting your time and money, we try to recognize us as a promising team, always ready to cooperate with you.

Services offered by the agency "Res Rota":

- Technical inspection of vehicles
- Registration for all vehicles - passenger, freight
- Transfer of ownership
- Renewal of Registration
- Authorization to drive a motor vehicle
- Test plates
- Import and sale of vehicles on order

Since the technical inspection of vehicles required item in the vehicle registration, we provide quick and efficient service in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Technical inspection involves a certain measurement and comparison of the obtained size with acceptable values to determine the validity of the vehicle. Also MOT includes the visual inspection with or without tools, in order to determine the correctness of devices and equipment in the vehicle.

From the technical accuracy depends primarily on the safety of drivers and other road users, which poses the fact that you only technically correct vehicle can ensure safe driving.

We offer the purchase of vehicles on order, which enables you as soon as possible you have a car as you want oduvezk. Import and sales of vehicles on order, represent our way to allow you to come into the possession of ocarinjenog, registrovang and technically inspected vehicles at very decent prices.