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When to see the vet?

First visit to the vet should be done by taking your pet for:

* Expert advice
* Treatment against parasites and vaccinations
* Early detection of congenital diseases

Your pet should be immediately to the vet in case of injury and the symptoms. For prompt response success of treatment is higher.

To make your pet a healthy is not enough Your love, care and proper nutrition but also

Regular checks and timely treatment by a veterinarian

* Mandatory vaccination (rabies).
* Vaccination recommended
* Means against internal and external parasites

* Diseases of the respiratory tract
* Diseases of the digestive tract
* Diseases of the cardiovascular system
* Diseases of the genitourinary system

* Spaying a female
* Neutering males
* The operation of the
* Hernia surgery
* Treatment of wounds
* Cosmetic Surgery

* Artificial Insemination
* Obstetrics
* C-section
* Possibility of contraception

* Remove scale and polish
* Extraction of teeth

* Diagnosis
* Therapy
* Surgery

Marking a microchip
Home visits
Transport animals to the surgery if necessary

* Beak
* Claws
* Nail

Owner veterinary clinics Goran Savic Savic graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade in 1986.
Internship at the School for Reserve Officers veterinary services in Sarajevo and Nis Training Center and training dogs.
As a veterinarian intern with the Chief of the Training and dog training Colonel Prof SlobodanomTeodosićem successfully operated for more than 70 dogs.
Due to the extraordinary efforts and successful surgical intervention was awarded high military-Badge recognition of exemplary soldiers interns.
Work continued in civilian life in the City Veterinary Centre Veterinary Station Belgrade, the working units and animal hygiene station Barajevo by the end of 1991.
In early 1992, transferred to private companies and among the first in Belgrade established private veterinary clinic for pets in Zemun.
March 1995 the office moved to New Belgrade Block 70
In our own bar in the central shopping area with success for the past 16 years.
Dr. Savic younger colleagues generously passes on his knowledge and experience.
After graduating in office Savic odstažiralo over 15 veterinary doctors and a dozen veterinary technicians.
In addition to working in his office Dr. Goran Savic and operates at the invitation of younger colleagues in their offices.
By invitation operated and treated animals in the Belgrade zoo.

Its knowledge transfer and the media collaborated with the electronic-between: A third channel RTS, RTS first, BK TV, B92, TV Politics, Television Novi Sad; Radio 101, Radio 202, Studio B and the press Flash, Flash magazine Politika and appendix Astra
Special joy and satisfaction Goran Savic causes to work with her daughter Mila, a student of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Goran Savic Veteranian member of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Small Animal Veterinary Practice Serbia and the European Federation of Veterinarians - owner of a small office practice.