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Address: 13/6 Krusedolska street
Phone: 011/24 34 830, 060/39 28 932, 061/14 35 292
event@rightplace.rs ">E-mail: event@rightplace.rs
www.righttravel.rs ">Website: www.righttravel.rs

RIGHT EVENT is an agency that organizes weddings, weddings, birthdays, formal reception, banquets, cocktail parties, promotions and other events. If you plan to organize an event, but you are not sure you have enough time, people, technical support or experience, you can rely on us.


Organize the best day of your life in the best possible way with the help of our agency. The organization of the wedding is not an easy job, it is necessary to allocate enough time and patience to find the right restaurant, wedding, wedding rings and many other little things.

Services for wedding organization:

Any number of meetings, scheduling information and the register appointments, information and scheduling in the church, the proposals for the selection of wedding dresses, suggestions for finding a suitable restaurant, proposals for the band, making invitations, photographers and cameramen services, services of a professional makeup artist and hair stylist, wedding rings, making floral arrangements the restaurant, the front door, a car, a proposal pastry, special effects, sketches seating, schedule weddings, counseling at any time of preparation and during the wedding, expert advice and plan budgets, offer analysis, scenario weddings, control the preparation of the wedding and the like.


Services Organization of celebrations and other events:

Finding a suitable room or restaurant, agreements with restaurant around all necessary services, catering, qualified and professional staff, help with the organization of invitations, mailing lists and forming the final guest list, helping with seating arrangements, room decoration finding the appropriate music, photo and video services, special effects, pyrotechnics, lighting, dry ice, soap bubbles, monitoring implementation, coordination of suppliers, help with billing and the like.