Weighing-machines Belgrade

Address: 22a Zorza Klemensoa st., (ex. 54 Francuska st.)
Belgrade Phone: 011/3391-402, 3390-908(fax)

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Scale measuring bridge (weight receptor). The scale measuring bridge is made in two main models: 1. from high quality construction steel. Made up of two side penetration rails, joined with barred cross rails. The careenage surface is made out of ribbed tin. 2. from reinforced concrete modules, which are lead up on the very object.
Subtype-VLP-60, Min(kg)-0.4, Max(kg)-60, Segment e=d(g)-20. Subtype-VLP-100, Min(kg)-1, Max(kg)-100, Segment e=d(g)-50. Subtype-VLP-150, Min(kg)-1, Max(kg)-150, Segment e=d(g)-50. Subtype-VLP-200, Min(kg)-2, Max(kg)-200, Segment e=d(g)-100. Subtype-VLP-300, Min(kg)-2, Max(kg)-300, Segment e=d(g)-100. Subtype-VLP-500, Min(kg)-4, Max(kg)-500, Segment e=d(g)-
Trade and electronic scales and fiscal cash registers