Wrought iron Belgrade

Address: 164dj Vodovodska st., Zeleznik
Belgrade Phone: 066/114-498, 064/167-99-25
E-mail: enkokom@gmail.com
Website: www.enkokom.com

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Enkokom Company Ltd. offers all types of construction works, artistic metalwork, brick making and repairing equipment. Been doing business since 1993, to the satisfaction of Belgrade and throughout Serbia, with expertise, speed and quality of work.

Metal works, fabrication and installation of:
Steel, metal structures, halls, porches, galleries, stairs, fences (concrete, staircases, courtyards and so on.), Windows and doors, closing the balcony, artistic metalwork, wrought fence, lattice ...

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Locksmith work and Services:
- Production of light and medium construction
- Prefabricated garages
- Construction of all types of fences and gates
- Garage doors
- Repair of locks and metal door
- welding
- Wrought iron
- Wrought iron
- PVC and aluminum doors and windows

Address: Vodovodska 164đ Zeleznik
Cell: 064/167-9925, 064/167-99-25