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Yoga is an art more than 5,000 years old . The Ministry of Health has included yoga in rehabilitation methods . It consists of physical exercises , breathing and relaxation . How to move your body, improve concentration and attention , to become stronger , more flexible and how to relax ?

All strive to reduce stress and peace of mind , good health and spirits . If we establish a connection between the conscious mind, spirit and body to achieve unity , ie . integration which translated from Sanskrit and means the word yoga .

Regular practice of aligning their energy, which is reflected in our pozitivino pshihofizičko condition. For an easier and simpler way to solve the problems of everyday life and are free of frustration and pain. Yoga puts us in a natural state of balance and peace, joy and connects with you and the environment .

Straightening of the spine , opening breath , calming the heart and the earth are our highest goals . When the body is brought into position and when in harmony with our respiratory functions improved . Brain function , clarity of mind , alertness and concentration at work and in private life, gives great effects our everyday life . Our emotions are consistent with our physical body . Energy is released and the effects show up very quickly , even after the first yoga practice .

Harmony of mind, body and spirit

"Once yoga was understood as a discipline that should lead us to spiritual self-realization , but the last thirty years, people reveal its prophylactic and therapeutic value. Ministry of Health has included yoga in rehabilitation methods ..."

After many years of experience with operating licenses from California, your instructor , you can be sure of the quality of service you get at nas.Nalazimo at Brace Jugovic 4, Dorcolu .

Length of hours in the studio for an hour and fifteen minutes. Length of private classes vary by participants, and last between an hour and an hour and a half.

Working with children aged between 6 and 12 years old , takes about 40 minutes , because that is their maximum concentration and attention . The groups are usually from 7 to 15 participants , depending on whether the classes are too large or small room. Classes are well attended, we even have a waiting list , because the interest is greater than the study .

According to the concept of different classes , but they must have a breathing exercise at the beginning, in order to relax and soothe your mind and prepare to exercise and at the end of guided relaxation , which gives a stamp of class and builds on Shavasana - practice exercise where absolute peace that . about anything we do not think , just feel .

We offer the following :

1) Hatha Yoga

2 ) Urban Yoga

How to best use a break during working hours ?
It is common to have a coffee with colleagues or eat foods from a wide range of calorie and fat rich fast-food specialties. We're going to work tired and nastvaljamo with their obligations and that we could break to refresh and prepare for the rest of the day . There are always other options .
In the city center ahead of us calming environment with content that will enrich the day . Urban Yoga is designed to be a half hour to 45 minutes to relax asanas designed for just relaxing and refreshing cup of tea. Refreshed , relaxed and relaxed entering the rest of the day as the morning, with a new energy and a smile.
Urban Yoga - free from tensions and stress , cut tight quality day break and treat yourself to the contents of our body and mind deserve !

3 ) Senior Yoga

Later years the period in life where we have more time for yourself , your family , for rest, recreation and relaxation . However, this is a time when we become more susceptible to certain diseases such as arthritis , rheumatism , incontinence , high blood pressure ...

All this creates the need to stay fit and healthy and give your body as much as možemo.Joga is a form of exercise that adapts to our needs and capabilities , and allows it to become more relaxed and peaceful mind . Yoga is also very beneficial in the prevention and control of health and emotional problems associated with aging. It helps us to be in better touch with yourself and your body and makes it easy to embrace a positive approach to life.

Certain yoga asanas are designed to normalize blood pressure and balance the nervous system and are essential in the prevention of heart disease. Breathing techniques that overcome by practicing yoga prevent the occurrence of respiratory disease.

Practicing yoga get to know your body and learn to respect the limits of what we ask .

You never need to compel your body in yoga poses, always do what pleases us .

Yoga is effective only if properly done .

3 ) Yoga for Children

Dynamic positions held flexibility , strengthen muscles , improve coordination and balance , and breathing and relaxation techniques improve memory, concentration and channel energy. Yoga also helps children to better understand the values of life , teaches them to support and recognize and respect each other .

4 ) Yoga for pregnant women

Pregnancy is an ideal time to start with yoga exercises. Group work is a very specific and inspiring . Yoga during pregnancy is important , because it is all the time working on strength and muscle flexibility , coordination and balance. In addition, it balances hormones, improves blood circulation, relieves pain , strengthens the pelvic floor and prepare for childbirth and above all helps a woman to be in love and bliss connect with your baby . Experience shows that women who practiced yoga during pregnancy , feel its benefits long after birth , and their babies. Whenever you go to the practice of yoga during pregnancy is not too late . Physical fitness exercises to improve, eliminate the nelagodnosi in the body and back pain . Breathing exercises and guided relaxation are definitely the best preparation for childbirth . Pregnant women socialize in class , devote yourself and your baby and connect, which is exactly what needs to be in the company of positive and smiling mom.

5 ) Yoga for moms with babies

Mothers who come to classes as pregnant women, usually after childbirth ( six to eight weeks ) , return to classes for moms and babies. Interest to return to the studio with their babies and teaching yoga practice , it is of great benefit to both mothers and for their babies. The classes are conducted specific exercises that work the moms with their babies , a part of the class is dedicated to just moms . Like adults babies may have problems with digestion , constipation , circulation , emotional distress. These are exercises that will take the baby feel better , sleep better and faster progress . Yoga improves their immune system , digestion, cramps disappear , promotes elimination and encourages motor skills . The whole class is unique interaction of mother and baby , after which all feel better , happy and smiling . Mother of the classes established a special relationship with their children , but also with the group and together with the help of yoga find their peace , contentment and fulfillment.

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