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TEATAR 78 Galleries Belgrade

Misliša Mozgović, a master of science whose inventions are so ingenious that they border on magic, lives in his magic institute along with the robot Milovan. Mislisa has just finished his latest invention: Teleport Dragica (named after his mother). Suddenly an unusual guest comes to the instituet - a ball! It's come to complain about today's children who don't play with toys at all but spend all their time with TV and computer screens. The spokesperson for all toys, Mrs. Ball, warns Mislisa that the toys are desperate and about to launch a revolution - a toy rebellion.

Mislisa feels guilty over these developments and uses Milovan's help to find the boy Rasa who owns the ball. Then Mislisa thinks up a cunning plan - he will send Rasa to the past using Dragica Teleport and then into the future. There Rasa will meet his peers and see how they are - or are not - having fun and realize that the way the children play today is wrong. He will get engaged and help kids everywhere change the way they play.

This modern fairy tale is above all humorous, entertaining and educational. There is lots of music and songs, sang by the actors.

Writer and director: Marija Puskarov
Scenography: Tanja Žiropađa I Tatjana Cvjetković
Costumes: Tatjana Cvjetković
Music associate and Teleport/Time-machine Dragica: Danka Ubiparip
Coreographer: Milan Pajić

Raša: Sasa Đurašević
Misliša Mozgović: Vladimir Popović
Robot Milovan i Mrs. Ball: Milan Pajić
Maša i L546: Marija Puškarov Popović


Theatre 78
A growing theathre, Teatar 78 is a young theatre encompassed in the sector for art and culture in the Business system "Djuro Salaj" AD. It has been holding plays both in children's and evening scene since 2008, when the theatre had opened, and as such fulfills its idea to gather young, yet unacclaimed and inspirational artists who have lots of enthusiasm.

In our theatre we organize the following projects: Students' theatre (Academy of arts students' projects), youth podium (highschoolers' projects), amateur theatre (plays by affirmed amateur troupes). In addition to our regular repertoire in our production and various guest appearances, in the stage of Teatar 78 we also hold concerts, musical festivals, dance and folklore performances. Our hall with 382 seat capacity is recently renovated and technically equipped.

The following programme of the  theatre are the gallery and club. The programme concept of the gallery is affirmation for young artists as well as support to non-standard art projects, one of which is Milonga Alma (Argentinian tango dance evenings). The Teatar 78 club is 200 square meters large and suitable for lectures, promotions, coctails and various festivities as well as celebrating children's birthdays for children over 3.

Information: workdays from 9AM - 5PM 011/3615 307

E-mail: teatar78@gmail.com
Web: www.teatar78.com