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Tamara Ćosić: Porodica je moj oslonac u životu

Tamara Cosic: My family is my support in life

Her broad smile and boundless positive energy are trademark features belonging to Tamara Cosic, one of our most famous beauty bloggers in Serbia. Through Instagram and YouTube under the name "Lepa svaki...
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Đorđe David: Čuvar viteškog duha Zemuna

Djordje David: Old Guard for the Spirit of Zemun Chivalry

You know him as the hardened rock star, actor, member of the judging committee for "Zvezde Granda" show and the fighter who beat COVID-19 in less than three weeks. With his 6'5'' height, tattoos and fierce...
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Robert Nemeček: Muzičar večno zaljubljen u film

Robert Nemecek: A musician eternally in love with film

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in Serbia who doesn’t know the name Robert Nemecek.The most famous movie and tv director and the legendary lead singer of the group “Pop masina” (Pop machine),...
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Vlasta Velisavljević: Vek istorije Beograda u jednom čoveku

Vlasta Velisavljevic: A century's worth of Belgrade history in one man

Nearing the impressive age of 94, Vlasta Velisavljevic has the energy that even a younger man could envy. He continues to work, and as the proud owner of the driver’s license number 4 he braves the traffic...
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Galeb Nikačević: Ne učimo ništa iz blagostanja

Galeb Nikacevic: We don't learn anything from wellbeing

We all know Galeb Nikacevic as a ‘city celebrity’ who guided us through the world of music, told us interesting stories and did his best to bring our culture to the audience. Still, many don’t know that...
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Milan Caci Mihailović: Glumačka legenda i čuvar istorije beogradskih dasaka koje život znače

Milan Caci Mihailovic: Legendary actor who keeps the secrets of Belgrade's theatre stage

The bard of Serbia's acting scene, the name linked to legendary theatre plays and the calming radio voice that brings us back to old days. Milan Caci Mihailovic talks about his growing up, unusual family...
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Mika Aleksić: Biti uz Beograd je vremenska privilegija

Mika Aleksic: Being with Belgrade is the privilege of our time

Mika Aleksic - director, skilled pedagogue, expert in educating children (or little people, as he likes to call them) and helping them become good and successful people. The famous Mika Aleksic is the...
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Ivon Jafali: Čuburka od glave do pete

Ivon Jafali: A girl from Cubura through and through

  With her we were "still awake" and today it is with her smile on the TV that we wake up. Ivon Jafali is known to all as the eternally smiling Studio B anchor, actress, neighbor. But anyone will tell...
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Peca Popović: Roker koji u srcu nosi duh Beograda

Peca Popovic: a rock fan whose heart is full of Belgrade spirit

  Petar Peca Popovic has an impressive career behind him. His name is synonymous with the titles of music critic, rock historian, "Jukebox", "Rock" and we can freely say that he was the one thread that...
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Dobrosav Bob Živković: Ilustrator koji mrzi boraniju

Dobrosav Bob Zivkovic: the illustrator who hates string beans

Legend says that there is one name behind every good illustration - Dobrosav "Bob" Zivkovic. In fact, if you have never seen any of his work, the only possible explanation is that you haven't been born...
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Dejan Cukić: “Nestašni” dečak sa Zvezdare

Dejan Cukic: the "bad boy" from Zvezdara

"Letnje kise" (Summer rains), "Nebo jedino zna" (Only the sky knows), "Ja bih da pevam" (I would sing), "Mokre ulice" (Wet streets)...these are all hit songs we know and love and they all have the same...
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Svetlana Bojković: Diva srpskog pozorišta

Svetlana Bojovic: the diva of Serbian theatre

In our country there is no person alive who doesn't know the name Svetlana Bojkovic. Her old roles are fondly remembered and happily watched again while new ones are eagerly anticipated. Even though she...
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Sonja Petrović: Zlatna devojka srpske košarke

Sonja Petrovic: the "golden girl" of Serbian basketball

One of the best women basketball players of Europe and member of the ideal five of the European championship where Serbia won the Bronze, the girl whose name we all chanted - this could only be Sonja Petrovic. Though...
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Feđa Dimović i Boško Ćirković: Beogradske ulice za nas su metafora života

Fedja Dimovic and Bosko Cirkovic: To us, the streets of Belgrade are a metaphor for life

Fedja Dimovic and Bosko Cirkovic the members of the Belgrade syndicate and Dorcol boys "in their best years" continue to throw down bars with the same intensity as two decades ago. Talking to 011info,...
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Duda Ivković: Uvek sam bio veran Radničkom i Crvenom Krstu

Duda Ivkovic: I've always been loyal to Radnicki and the Red Cross

Dusan Duda Ivkovic is one of the most successful and most decorated coaches in European and worldwide basketball. Throughout his four decades of the career, he won dozens of trophies with clubs he led...
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Dejan Pantelić: Najvažnije u životu mi je da budem dobar otac, muž i prijatelj

Dejan Pantelic: My priority in life is to be a good father, husband and friend

Dejan Pantelic is one of the most famous and we can freely say most beloved national show hosts. He built his reputation on his bright disposition and charisma, but also the unique way in which he hosts...
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Dragutin Topić: Ja sam savršeno srećan čovek

Dragutin Topic: I am a perfectly happy man

The man who holds the national record in high jump, an athlete who’s held the world junior record and a trainer who prepares the younger generations for great heights. Dragutin Topic in his youth dreamt...
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Suzana Mančić: Loto devojka koja nikada ne odustaje

Suzana Mancic: the Lotto girl who never gives up

There aren’t many media celebrities who can take a break and then return and shine even brighter than ever before. One of such personalities is absolutely our most famous ‘Lotto girl’ Suzana Mancic who...
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Vanja Bulić: Tom Sojer sa Novog Beograda

Vanja Bulic: Tom Sawyer from New Belgrade

Esteemed journalist, famous show host, author of the famous “Biseri” show, renown bestseller author and screenplay writer, Vanja Bulic is a name known to all generations. Belgrader since he was 5 years...
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Zoran Modli: Pilot na talasima radija

Zoran Modli: Piloting the radiowaves

He started from one dusty Zemun street, with a firm belief that “sky is the limit” and he was right. Zoran Modli, radio host, became the living legend in our national radio scene. He was a DJ at a time...
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Mira Adanja Polak: Naučila sam da uvek sledim svoj instinkt

Mira Adanja Polak: I learned to always follow my instincts

We know her as the journalist who always brings us exclusives, the reporter who finds a way where others see dead-ends and the person who brings the world to Serbia. Mira Adanja Polak unstoppably continues...
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Nataša Miljković: Oduvek sam želela da budem novinar

Natasa Miljkovic: I always wanted to be a reporter

The face of journalist and TV show host Natasa Miljkovic is well-known to all. Her reputation is that of a professional who always pushes the standards higher and never steps back from a challenge – what’s...
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Dušan Šaponja i Dušan Čavić: Blokovi nisu najlepši, ali ih ne damo ni za šta

Dusan Saponja and Dusan Cavic: the Blocks of New Belgrade aren't pretty, but we wouldn't trade them for anything

Whether you know them as the “Ciklotron” or Marko Zvaka, Dusan Cavic and Dusan Saponja – best men, business partners, documentary makers – are a duo that has proven that fans of Partisan and Red Star can...
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Aca Seltik: Duhom ću zauvek svojatati Tašmajdan

Aca Seltik: In spirit I'll always claim Tasmajdan as my own

Aleksandar Petrovic, known as “Aca Seltik”, the lead singer of the band “Ortodox Celts”, remembers the Belgrade from his school days with nostalgia. As he says, back then there were no mobile phones and...
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