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Saša Ozmo: Sportski novinar iz Bloka 70

Sasa Ozmo: The sports journalist from Block 70

He is a journalist who carries the sport spirit in his DNA, the man who brings us stories with famous athletes and often takes our breath away with his reports. He takes us to sport stadiums around the...
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Vesna Dedić: Balkanskom ulicom do novinarskog vrha

Vesna Dedic: Through Balkanska street to the heights of journalism

She is a journalist who has taken many celebrities on a walk down her “Balkanska ulica” (Balkan street), a writer who spurs emotions in her readers with her best-selling novels and one of the most famous...
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Uroš Petrović: Genijalac iz blokova

Uros Petrovic: The Genius from the Blocks

Multiple award-winning children’s author who has penned many books full of brain-teasers and riddles, once president of Mensa in Serbia, a photographer whose work has been included in Windows background...
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Marko Stojanović: Glumac, majstor scenskog pokreta i pionir srpskog karlinga

Marko Stojanovic: Actor, a master of scene motion and the pioneer of Serbian curling

You know him as the man who can express all feelings and portray any scene without a single word. Marko Stojanovic, our famous actor, pantomime artist, professor of communication skills and the founder...
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Vladimir Vlada Kuzmanović: MVP sa Karaburme

Vladimir Vlada Kuzmanovic: the MVP from Karaburma

Once the oldest MVP of the Eurocup challenge, today a podcast host and professional commentator for Euro league on the Sport Club channel and forever a truly proud Karaburma native. Vladimir Vlada Kuzmanovic...
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Stefan Milenković: Nindža sa violinom

Stefan Milenkovic: The Ninja Violinist

An incredible artist and famous violinist Stefan Milenkovic reveals for 011info how he got interested in string instruments and how torn he had been between two different lifestyles. He recalls playing...
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Zorana Arunović: "Brđanka" sa sokolovim okom

Zorana Arunovic: The highlander with a hawk's eye

The grandmaster with the air pistol Zorana Arunovic reveals for her interview with 011info why she has chosen shooting as her sport and how her first medal set her on the path towards countless others...
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Zoran Kastratović: Zlatna kaciga fer-pleja

Zoran Kastratovic: The golden helmet of fair play

Six national titles, Golden helmet, unanimous acknowledgment for incredible fair play and many other awards have marked the career of our celebrated racer Zoran Kastratovic. Everything started back in...
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Damir Mikec: Olimpijac iz blokova

Damir Mikec: the Olympian from the Blocks

Almost every professional athlete dreams of representing their country at the Olympics. Damir Mikec, a magician with a small-caliber pistol, has turned that dream into reality four times by now and returned...
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Nela Bunčić Vukomanović: Yugoslovenka sa Tašmajdana

Nela Buncic Vukomanovic: Yugoslovenka from Tasmajdan

You train with her through your TV screens every day, while she is also on Instagram under the handle Yugoslovenka, where she provides her followers with their daily dose of exercise motivation. Nela Buncic...
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Nebojša Višković: Prvi reket srpskog novinarstva

Nebojsa Viskovic: The first racket of Serbian journalism

His commentary left us breathless as we followed the greatest successes of Serbian tennis and his voice made even the dullest soccer game exciting for us. He is Nebojsa Viskovic, a Serbian journalist and...
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Nadežda Nada Blam: Glumačka diva sa gornjeg Dorćola

Nadezda Nada Blam: the diva actress from upper Dorcol

Popeye protected her from Bluto, the Ninja Turtles protected her from the Shredder and in the studio she was as quick as Speedy Gonzales. She is our renowned actress and the champion of the National Theatre...
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Jovan Jova Radovanović: Džezer sa Cvetkove pijace

Jovan Jova Radovanovic: the Jazz artist from Cvetkova marketplace

From a little boy with a flute who wandered the post-war Belgrade barefoot, to one of the most renowned showmen ever to grace the European stages. Jovan Jova Radovanovic drew smiles with his music and...
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Petar Janjatović: Muzička enciklopedija sa Liona

Petar Janjatovic: The music encyclopedia from Lion

As a kid he would hang off of tramways and would sneak into the movies - then he fell in love with music. Still, it wasn’t instruments that became his weapons, but rather the written word. Travelling to...
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Nele Karajlić: Beogradski Sarajlija koji pomera granice

Nele Karajlic: Sarajevo-born Belgrader who pushes the limits

As a musician, composer, screenwriter, anchor and author, Nenad Jankovic - better known as Dr Nele Karajlic - showed us that he would always push the limits and bring something new, interesting and unusual....
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Bajaga: Profesor „pozitivne geografije“

Bajaga: Professor of "positive geography"

Regardless of age or music taste, you probably not only grew up with his songs but also had your best times with them. A rock artist, music writer, guitarist, composer, the guy every mother would want...
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Nina Radovanović: Bokserka koja piše istoriju sporta

Nina Radovanovic: Boxer who is making sport history

Likable, modest and poised - this is the first impression when meeting Nina Radovanovic, the best female boxer that Serbia has ever had. Over the course of her career so far, this young champion has won...
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Bojana Stefanović: Piroške jednog detinjstva

Bojana Stefanovic: Pirozhki from childhood

You know her as “Puslica” from the play “Neki to vole vruce”, Lora from “Staklena menazerija”, Nadia from the TV show “Ono kao ljubav” and you’ve also heard her voice featured in many cartoons. In each...
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011info: Templari beogradske baštine već 20 godina

011info: Templars of Belgrade’s heritage for over 20 years

From humble beginnings to Belgrade’s largest portal in only 20 years. This is a brief description of the 011info portal - a crucial platform for any company that would like to elevate their business to...
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Marko Kon: Muzički mag iz Nušićeve ulice

Marko Kon: The Musical Wizard from Nusiceva street

Whenever you hear a passing song in Serbian on the radio or TV, there’s a good chance that Marko Kon is behind it.  This composer, music producer, songwriter, performer and actor speaks for 011info about...
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Kornelije Kovač: Nikada ne prestajem da komponujem

Kornelije Kovac: I never stop composing

Regardless of what type of music you like, if you are from this region your favorite playlist probably includes at least a few songs written by the famous composer Kornelije Kovac. His songs are performed...
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Srđan Gojković Gile: 40 godina Električnog orgazma

Srdjan Gojkovic: 40 years of Elektricni orgazam

The lead singer of the band Elektricni Orgasm and the author of the famous hit song “Igra rokenrol cela Jugoslavija” as well as one of the founders of the New wave, Srdjan Gojkovic Gile continues to work...
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Voja Nedeljković: Vojvoda od Zemuna

Voja Nedeljkovic: The Duke of Zemun

The show host of the famous “Vojevanje”, the radio voice that always makes us smile, the TV personality who has shined for us for over a quarter of a century, the show host of “Zvezde Granda” and above...
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Aleksandar Srećković Kubura: Glumac za šahovskom tablom

Aleksandar Sreckovic Kubura: Actor with a chess board

Famous actor Aleksandar Sreckovic has been in the scene for almost three decades, delighting both theatre and TV audiences with his performances. We know him as the dangerous and cruel “Smuk” from the...
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