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Vavilon Translations translation agency

46 Balkan street, Belgrade

Vavilon Translations is a translation agency that employs a large team of translators both in Serbia and abroad. Vavilon Translations offers a high standard in translating in terms of speed, quality and localization of our translations.

What sets us apart from other translation agencies are our quality and open communication. Our model of business is based not only on translating foreign languages to Serbian and vice versa, but also on translating foreign languages to other foreign languages. This way we can help you save time and money.

At Vavilon Translations our team consists of court interpreters who can translate and verify all kinds of translations for you.

We do not set deadlines, but rather go out of our way to meet the needs of our clients and their businesses.

We offer the following services:
- Written translations
- Written translations verified by a court interpreter
- Consecutive translations
- Simultaneous translations
- Proofreading

We can translate – with or without verification from a court interpreter – any kind of documents including: personal documentation (birth certificates, proof of citizenship, diplomas and additional documentation, certificates, authorizations, divorce documentation, personal IDs, passports, medical documentation, testimonials, curriculums, visas, driver’s licenses, etc.), business documentation (financial reports, contracts, balances, certificates, decrees, law suits, web pages, professional documentation, etc)

Languages we translate to and from include: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Croatian, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Slovakian.

Estimation of your documentation is completely free of charge so you can send us a copy of your documentation to our e-mail to be assessed at any time.

In the swiftest possible time we will respond with the estimation of the price of translation. For larger orders and certain languages we offer discounts.

You may send us your documentation in any format or in different ways: bring it to us personally, mail it to us, e-mail it, fax it…

The method of delivery for Vavilon Translations certified translations include personal retrieval or delivery via courier service. Personal retrieval can be done at our offices on workdays (9AM – 5PM). If you would like us to deliver the translations to you via courier, the expenses for translations of 1-10 pages are paid by you while longer translations are delivered free of charge.

Vavilon Translations translation agency
46 Balkan street, Belgrade

011-664-91-90 ; 064-40-30-270
069-40-30-270 ; 060-40-30-277