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Professional electric machines for sheep, cattle and horse trimming: XTRA - manual electric tool for sheep trimming: - power 320 W - 2400 rpm - weight 1530 g DELTA - manual electric tool for cattle and horse trimming: - power 180 W - three speeds: 2100/2800 and 3200 rpm - weigth 1320 g PROGRES - manual electrical tool for horse and cattle trimming - permanent magnetic motor 65 W (like the classic 150 W) - 2200 rpm - weight only 930 g! Manufacturer HEINIGER, Switzerland. Distributor for Serbia: INPAK d.o.o. Warranty period one year, repair, technical support and spare parts provided. Modern milking equipment: for goats, sheep and cows, mobile, cooling tanks, hygiene products. Manufacturer DeLaval. Distributor for Serbia: INPAK Import of breeding sheep, goats and cattle. Make the flock watching easier! Electric shephards which cover up to 40 km of electric fence, wires for electrical fences with additional elements, easy transportable nets for goats and sheep.