Gynecology Belgrade

Address: 5 Ljeska st
Belgrade Phone: 011/354-52-62, 064/123-26-75

4/ 5stars

Gynecology - obstetrician ordination MERIDA, has been on this address since 2005 (before that in the YU business center, Novi Beograd since 1999), many years of experience in private practice. Located on Banovo brdo, between Ada and Kosutnjak, in a garden, tucked in and intimate, totally dedicated to the woman of any age. Besides the primary gynecology and OB protection, there is a birth control and menopause counseling as well as acupuncture. We insist on preventive, education and healthy way of living, eating, physical activity, spiritual calmness and stability. Allways up to share joy and care, give out advice and maximally dedicate to you!!!