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The pleasant and soothing ambiance at Merida clinic was designed with the desire that our patients feel safe and welcomed. Our kind and professional staff led by the owner, Dr Slavica Vasiljevic, a specialist in gynecology and acupuncture have given this small clinic a recognizable brand of quality with their unique mixture of traditional and Western medicine. Holistic approach to treatment in addition to standard therapy involves total release from stress and negative thoughts and building a love for one’s own self and their general health. At Merida you can get advice regarding natural treatment, proper nutrition, correcting problematic habits and much more. Much of our advice can also be found online.

In addition to 4D ultrasound diagnostics of the latest generation and highest quality modern equipment, at our clinic you can also perform the following examinations: Pap test, all kinds of swabs (vaginal, cervix, bacteria, Chlamydia, microplasm, ureaplasm…), HPV, typology, colonoscopy, foliculometry, insemination, aminocentesis, CTG, HSG.

At our Merida clinic we also perform smaller surgical interventions such as removing condyloma, polyps, applying and removing spirals and more, interventions on the cervix, laser vaporisation, biopsy, conization, incision on the Bartolini gland, removing stitches after birth.

Acupuncture: stiffness, paresa facialis, neck pains, shoulder pains, elbow, hand and knee pains, sciatica…

Stress, anxiety, insomnia, quitting cigarettes, weight loss, swelling removal, removing excess water…

Headaches, migraines, sinus inflammations, immunity strengthening and general state of your organism.

Gynecology acupuncture: strong nausea during pregnancy, preparation for artificial insemination (30% success rate boost), PMS, irregular menstruation, painful menstruation, dismonerea, inducing ovulation, regulating hormonal disbalances, inducing lactation, postnatal depression (as a supplement to psychological therapy), reducing menopause symptoms.