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Belgrade Phone: 063/193-7289

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Dear children,
Dear Parents,

Art history is full of examples of "accidentally" discovered talents who later became a top artist known worldwide. On the other hand, unfortunately, a lot of valuable talents seamlessly and quietly went out because they did not come across a real incentive. MAYBE IN YOUR CHILD LIES THE HIDDEN TALENT THAT IS WAITING ON THAT RIGHT PUSH IN ORDER TO COME OUT! A place for discovery and encouragement of artistic talents is CRTULJKO.

But even if the talent is not there, drawing and painting is for each child one of the best ways to express their creativity, to enjoy in a relaxed creative atmosphere that lets them express their thoughts and feelings and bring to light the richness of their imagination and their inner world . Therefore, it is the right place for you / your child CRTULJKO.

The activities at CRTULJKO are designed to have the children's pleasure as their highest priority, to provide relaxation and let children EXPRESS THEIR JOY. Through this relaxed or creative work seamlessly and efficiently children acquire basic art elements and gradually mastered various visual arts techniques. Therefore, the children who think they are talented or to think about them the other, the right address CRTULJKO.

CRTULJKO is the place where the child's opinions are appreciated and accepted and where through the game and uninhibited laughter the child's nature and character come to the fore , in a word, the place where the child can in the healthiest way express themselves.

In addition, drawing and painting help children develop positive qualities: confidence, perseverance and persistence, and tendency toward creative work in general, openness, a sense of beauty, but also improving motor skills, work motivation and concentration, which is positively reflected on the success of the regular school.

Classes in CRTULJKO are held once or twice a week for two hours, and trainees are available to terms on weekdays and weekends;
Work is suited to children of different ages - preschool and school, and takes place in small groups, which allows the teacher to fully dedicate to individual child.

Prices in CRTULJKO are favorable.

Crtuljko classes are held by academic painter MINA TODOSIJEVIC who has extensive experience in working with children.

Crtuljko this year celebrates its 11th birthday and invites you to celebrate it with us!


CRTULJKO TALK TIMES was conceived as a place where children will get a chance for real, natural communication "face to face", where they can freely and without hesitation to share their observations, opinions and ideas, to express their feelings, to share their experiences - both positive and negative , express what is bothering them, tell, retell, ask ... and, of course, to explain the problems they are facing. Many problems can be very good or at least partially solved just by talking about them, thus making them pronounced accent, and awareness that have similar problems and others greatly facilitates their cargo. Of course, there are chat rooms and advice leader, with experience in pedagogical work and a certified positive results in working with children, which I have convinced many parents of students hopscotch CRTULJKO.