Art ateliers Belgrade

Address: nn Makenzijeva st., Pejton city
Belgrade Phone: 011/2442-126, 063/268-131
E-mail: mikron.pancic@gmail.com

4/ 5stars

Shop with 50 years of experience, for the manufacturing of religious objects for the needs of temples, clergymen and believers of the Serbian Orthodox church. We manufacture cressets (table, hanging, combined), pre-altar cressets, pre-table cressets, hand cressets, clergymen's cressets, diverse sized Slava (a Serbian type of holiday) candlesticks, wedding crowns, crosses. All goods are superb quality, manufactured form brass or copper. The surface protection is done in several options: gilding, silvering, silver-platinum, copper-platinum, nickel plating, gerbening?The store is located in Belgrade in Makenzijeva bb, workshop center Gradic Pejton near the St. Sava temple on Vracar.  Cresset - Candle - Crown