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Awnings, shades Belgrade

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Monday 08:00 - 16:00
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Friday 08:00 - 16:00
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  • Bus: 302, 303, 304, 305, 307, 307, 311

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Useful information

Wide range of services at the best prices include:

• MAKING, INSTALLATION AND REPAIR awnings, canopies, tarpaulins, tents,
• Design and installation of venetian blinds and mosquito nets
• concrete pools, sports facilities, AUTO-trailer, boat
• CLOSING summer and winter garden and a terrace transparent PVC FOIL

Awnings & Canopies different shapes, sizes and designs, which are guaranteed to be resistant to wind and precipitation are the perfect protection from the sun in the window of your kiosks, shops, pastry shops, bakeries, bookstores, shops, pharmacies ... provide the perfect place to enjoy your backyard next to the pool, on the roof terraces, balconies side.
By placing awnings or canopies will reduce air conditioning costs in your business or private area.


- With PVC (ciradnim) or acrylic (impregnated) payments

- With or without frame construction

Design covers can be made of metal or aluminum depending on the type of awning.

Ability to manage awning:
- Manual control
- Automatic control by electric motor (switch, remote control)
- Combined management (electric and manual)

Types of covers that manufacture and install:

• Fixed Awnings
• articular awnings
• accordion awnings
• garden awnings
• tunnel awnings
• Hair awnings for balcony terrace
• dome awnings
• Circular and semicircular awnings
• flat awning
• trapezoid awnings
• mushroom awnings


• for cars
• Patio
• for entering houses and business premises
• for cottages
• and a variety of other purposes


• tarpaulins for all types of vehicles
• truck tarpaulins
• tarpaulins for boats
• auto-tarpaulins
• tarpaulins (overburden) for swimming pools
• tarpaulins for trucks,
• ciradne cabins for tractors and construction machinery
• caravan awnings
• tarpaulins for trucks
• tarpaulins to cover the pool
• tarpaulins for Car Washes
• tarpaulins for tennis courts
• tarpaulins for rearrangement of space
• tarpaulins for balloon hall

The possibility of making awning of your draft and send to the address.

WINTER AND SUMMER GARDEN - fabrication, erection and dismantling


aluminum with brake and reducer 16mm - currently the most common market

• can be smooth and hair
• pvc.

They are easy to use and maintain, do not collect dust and odors, easy to clean. They can be opened unilaterally or bilaterally.


-Production And installation of various types of PVC tent canvas:

• tents,
• exhibition tents,
• circus tents,
• tents for various kinds of fun and festivities,
• tents for camping and summer houses

The possibility of making signs and advertisements, branding.

Our product range has a wide range of products and services that meet your expectations as a result of many years of work and experience in this business.
We offer our clients a guarantee, reasonable prices, short delivery terms, meticulous and professional installation, the use of quality materials, high professionalism, respect of deadlines.

For further information please contact us at 064/1834183 and 069/1834183 or by e-mail:


STOLE TENDA Awnings, shades Beograd
STOLE TENDA Awnings, shades Beograd
STOLE TENDA Awnings, shades Beograd
STOLE TENDA Awnings, shades Beograd
STOLE TENDA Awnings, shades Beograd
STOLE TENDA Awnings, shades Beograd
STOLE TENDA Awnings, shades Beograd
STOLE TENDA Awnings, shades Beograd
STOLE TENDA Awnings, shades Beograd