Bars and night-clubs Belgrade

Address: 2 Kej Oslobodjenja, Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 064/1102-004

4.5/ 5stars

Do you believe that there is something deep inside our genes that links us to African landscapes, something that reaches back in time...

To the rhythm of blues in an ambience woven out of soft wood and natural materials as warm as Africa's sun while Danube offers itself to you, find out how unique it is to be special.

In the savannah it is equally pleasant to have an esspresso during the morning quiet time, watch the anchored boats and fishermen, listen to the cries of gulls and enjoy a walk with a dog...

In the evening, Savannah offers various musical content.

Monday offers the pleasure of smooth jazz.
On Thursdays Maya Volk will take you on a musical journey around the world while you're having the best sangria in town.
On Fridays and Saturdays Savannah sails the waters of blues with the one and only ZonaB and the bluesers who still exist and dream in this city.

The thing that really gives charm to this raft is the staff. Oddly in love with their workplace, they share the pleasures experienced by each guest and pass on positive energy.

If you love the river, good esspresso, if you are sharing good moments with your dog, if you love the blues and have it in your genes - when you come to Savannah you will say - this is where I belong, this is my place.



FRIDAY 13.12.

Come and allow this incredible musician to lead you on the path of blues, in his performance both gentle and powerful. An evening of incredible emotion, tremendous energy, the journey to the far, black shores of Mississippi, an evening to remember and a special treat.


Not many words are needed - poetry, urban humor, magical Duda Bezuha on guitar...