Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

Address: 29/5 Rtanjska st. // 115 Dimitrija Tucovica - ext 22, Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/2400-502, 062/101-9-131

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As a team of professional staff we are able to provide you with quality and reliable bookkeeping services.
Adapting to each client, regardless of company size and scope of business, your requirements will be complied with promptly.

In consultation with you we will come to the documentation.

Our services in the field of accounting are:
01. Establishing vulnerability and enterprises
02. Processing of complete accounting records
03. Keeping tax records and preparation of tax returns
04. Check-in and check-out workers
05. Making M4 forms
06. Development of PPP forms
07. Keeping VAT records
08. Submission of tax returns
09. Preparation of final accounts
10. Closure / liquidation / enterprise
11. Other bookkeeping services

In addition to accounting services, according to your needs, we can offer services related to safety and health at work and fire protection.

In this domain, we offer the following services:
1 Development Act to assess the risks in the workplace and working environment
2 Training for employers and employees in the BNR and the JMC.
3 The Plan / Rules of fire safety.
4 Compile the necessary documentation from the BNR and the PCA (Tests, Form 6, expert findings, reports, etc.).
5 Kosalting the BNR and the PCA, as well as standards of OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.