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Book-keeping Services
book keeping;
conducting analytical book-keeping: Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, goods, manufacturing, materials, finished products;
calculations for retail and wholesale prices, keeping KEPU books;
keeping tax records, VAT calculation, preparation of tax returns for VAT;
• Preparation of final accounts: balance sheet, income statement, statistical annex, the medium-sized legal entities and cash flow statement, income tax and tax return income tax or income tax.

The above services to our clients in various legal forms:
Small and medium-sized enterprises;
• Entrepreneurs (actions), and knjigaši lump sum;
• Other parties: sports clubs, civic associations, and the like;
and a variety of services:
wholesale and retail
• Production and service provision
Import and export

Payment System and Bank
cash payments
Cashless Payments
payment transactions

Salaries, Human Resources, Social
Calculation of salary and other taxable payments
registration and deregistration of employees, directors, founders and owners
Type the path to the Company employees - making M-4 form;
Create new and verifying existing health insurance cards.

Establishing companies
changes in the Company Register
Date changes for entrepreneurs
Liquidation of enterprises

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Agency accounting
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