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Our company CMS Accounting ltd. provides services in the domain of accounting and business counseling with special attention paid to earnings accounts.

We are a company specializing in accounting and related services with an offer adjusted to small and medium companies, representatives and foreign company branches.

We have organized our business to satisfy the primary function of accounting, which is to provide neat and clear business books, coordinated with all relevant legal norms that cover this area.

Our main feature is the professionalism of our employees and our task is to provide our clients with professional support in their growth and development.

Years of experience and professionalism in doing accounting works is complimented by our cooperation with an attorney’s office so that we can fully service the laws relating to work-legal relationships and businesses.

Earnings accounts

In order to follow through with all legal changes on time and ensure the secrecy and constant availability of your accounts, we offer the following services:

- Accounts for employee earnings (gross earnings accounts and social fees to earnings from employee’s earnings) and transportation
- Accounts for taxes and fees on copyrights and author fees
- Yearly registration for employees regarding paid taxes
- Yearly reports in the domain of earnings
- Registration and unregistration of workers


For successful accounting you need knowledge and precision, but also creativity and skill.
- Business bookkeeping based on the bookkeeping documents you provide
- Forming financial reports
- Making different monthly or quarter-yearly reports such as: reports about cash flow, liquidation, supplies, non-charged expenses, profitability, debt etc.

Business counseling

Problems can often lead a business to devastation, but they can also be a new beginning.

- Creating work plans
- Changing registration data (address, CEO etc.)
- Liquidating assets
- Registering addresses
- Registering PDV payers
- Registering businesses and taxes
- Written and spoken translation for English and German languages
- Courier services