Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

Address: 16 Visegradska st
Belgrade Phone: 011/361-0982, 361-3665, 3629-115, 3629-125, 3629-183, 3629-184

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MM AGENCY offers complete services regarding business bookkeeping and consulting regarding the business organization of your company or store. We cover all the segments of business, such as trade wholesale and retail sale, production, catering, health and workshop services. We work on latest generation computers and are entirely ready to meet your demands at any time, as fast as possible. We have a organized courier service so that documentation delivery and its processing is easy - no going to the bookkeeper, crowds, and waiting. We are completely responsible for the work we do, so that your business conduction comes to, in other words, doing your work, and not being burdened by a bunch of papers. Before you do anything, come to us for a advice. Work freely!!! Your MM AGENCY!