Butchers, meat products Belgrade

Address: 9 Sime Igumanova st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 065/245-6447, 011/645-6447, 060/035-0803
E-mail: radnja@mesaraobelix.com
Website: www.mesaraobelix.com

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Butcher Obelix

Butcher Obelix was founded in 2006. , and having a family Ilic.
We strive to offer a wide range of quality meat products meet the tastes and needs of each customer.

Come and see our quality!

We recommend
- Kebabs
- Homemade Sausage
- Pork Skewers
- Rolled chicken breast
- Burgers
- Smoked pork
- Pork roast
- Stuffed Chicken
- Rolled pork

helpful baking
All meat that you purchase with us, we are free bake for you. If you do not like to wait or would like to schedule a pre-lunch meat can be ordered by telephone.
To complete your enjoyment, add the service to order fries.

Office Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday: 7.00-20.00h
Sunday: 7.00-15.00pm
Monday: working day